Perfect Swing - Golf Anniversary Celebration Forum & In-game Event

Greetings, Perfect Swing Golfers!!

Please help us celebrate our second anniversary! Thank you so much to everyone who has played the game! We want to provide the forum users with some special rewards for your participation. Moreover, we have prepared daily crystal gifts all week long! Don't forget to log in to the game every day this week! XD

When: Entries must be posted Between 5/2/2022 and 5/15/2022.  

How To Enter: Reply to this thread with your username and a Acrostic Poem about Perfect Swing - Golf with lines that start with each one of the letters: PSG or GOLF.

Rewards: 20 randomly selected participants will receive $100 worth of in-game prizes! Rewards will be sent by 5/18/2022. 

Here is an example:
Username: Mina

Purpose in life, solved.

Sand wedge must be evolved.

Give me more of that Perfect Swing - Golf!

Let's have some fun! 

PROTRIPS:   It doesn't have to rhyme, and don't worry about the formatting.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the forum event! 

Here are the 20 lucky winners:





















9명 이 주제를 좋아합니다.

Username  is KoBoy 

Playing for the hope of a golden putter

Somewhere is there a magic  craft or coin

Got to go and fine one

P: Perfect Swing’s new course Asan is Awesome!

S: Snowy slopes, and icy river graphics are so very superb. And every tiny details are very delightfully designed.

G: GM Mina, thank you for your generous gift to us. Gems helped us to evolve. Greatly appreciated.

Username: MochaBB G: Going for that 400 yard drive O: Out of bounds or rough I hope not L: Letting it fly makes me feel alive F: Fairway then green then sinking a 30 yard putt is a lot!!!
Username: klaasvaak 33 Pray for the perfect swing, hole in one Sadly fades away, into the bunker Good game, Well played, another day at the beach

Username: Ryotoちゃーーーん


S:So exciting

G:Get fulfillment

Sorry.I can't speak English

thank you♡

Username: Pier2e Perfection from you is an important key…Stop the gauge in the center and you will see…Going, going, gone into the hole your golf ball will be
Username: twotimes P: Praying for a meteor shower S: Saving those gems is the ultimate power G: Grab your balls and flick that driver!
Username: Pier2e Golf is what I’d rather do… On this perfect day, you would too… Love, laughter and living is what I’ve found… Forever here on PSG, as I play each and every round
Username: STBCKNDRLX Purest of shots Surest of spots Get. In. The. Hole!
Username: RoryRNR P - Perfect shots will hit the fairway S - Saving par will make you want yo stay G - Golf is fun, give it a try today!
Username: MJ786 P - Perfect Swing, Perfect as a game should be S - Sleepless nights spent on the tee G -Grateful for having the perfect swing game to entertain me
Username: MJ786 P - Perfect Swing, Perfect as a golf game should be S - Sleepless nights spent on the tee G - Grateful for having the perfect swing game to entertain me

User name : kabdori

P : PSG is No.1 game in online golf game

S : Specially, GM Mina is beautiful and 

excellent manager

G : go go go !!!play PSG

Username: 띠드밥 G: golf는 너무 재미가 있다. O: oh! 많은 사람들이 좋아서 함성을 지른다. L: Life 에서 골프를 즐기지 않을수가 없다. F: Finish 라고 생각하는 순간 골프는 새로운 홀에서 또다른 시작이라 인생과 비슷하다.

User name KoBoy 

Putting the ball into the cup is sometimes tough

Swinging with precision isn’t always enough

Going to practice until I’ve learned all this stuff