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Multiple Player Accounts


In a recent inquiry, a fellow clan mate proposed the issue of multiple accounts being utilized in clans, stipulating that one having multiple accounts, and by extension multiple opportunities to play the same clan round for their clan, presents an option that provides clans with an unfair advantage, as it allows one account to play through, take note of shot tendencies, yardage, etc. and then apply those to other accounts during their clan rounds. This is not dissimilar to playing tournament rounds multiple times knowing conditions are exactly the same. To this, your dev team replied with the following:

We appreciate your time in bringing this matter to our attention. However, after reviewing it thoroughly, we can say that the players in question have not violated any rules. Both accounts are exerting effort to grind, get better clubs and components, and investing time to improve equipment. As for playing these characters in a single clan, we can also see nothing wrong, as these characters can have a different score input and it will be the same as just any ordinary member filling a slot in the clan. Should this be a concern on Match mode, please be  informed that matchmaking is random and the system will be revamped on the next update.

This reply sidesteps the real issue about using knowledge of exact clan round conditions by playing through with one account and then adjusting on the others to perform better. Players take no issue with others having multiple accounts, as I’m sure you do not either because it means more money in your pocket, so long as the accounts are not stacked into one clan, creating an unfair advantage. We as players of your game know where your loyalties lie.  Money talks. This is not about players grinding and improving on alternate accounts. There, again, is no issue with that, but it seems that you motives behind defending these measures is transparent. 

Your track record as a development team has been rock-solid, in particular to unfair match play, and players that use unfavorable methods to win. How is this matter different?

As a golf simulator that prides itself on its measure to real golf, I challenge you to reevaluate your perspective on this matter. Consider this, in the Masters tournaments, rarely would you ever see Tiger Woods play alongside Wiger Toods, Tider Woogs, and Wider Toogs, in which Tiger plays first (same day/tee off time), and the teeing up immediately after are the following three ‘human’ dopplegangers. Even with human error taken into account, it is ridiculous to believe that the following players don’t gain an advantage having seen the results of the first. Anyone who shoots second in match play knows this advantage (even if your club/personal stats differ). 

Please, listen to your players. New account numbers and sustainability are not on the rise like they should be considering how wonderful this game is, and should continue to be. Maybe consider clan round conditions changing from player to player, so there is no sharing of information at all. If a clan truly has talented players that are independently solid, and would do well without advice on clan rounds from fellow members, then it would come closer to eliminating any issues of fairness. 

We want to keep playing the game. We do love it. Your transparency and consideration of player’s thoughts and concerns hinges on your morals and principles. Please, don’t sell them to those that would pay for them. 


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I agree, this is a very important fairness issue for clan versus clan matches, especially at the competitive end of the game in the top 20. The solution Murphicus proposes is an intelligent one - introduce variable conditions to each clan round, so no two clan rounds are quite the same. This doesn’t have to be extreme (ie headwinds changing to following winds) but can be within a range ( say 3-9mph, N-NW for example) just to make conditions slightly different between rounds. This would also be more realistic, as wind doesn’t usually blow consistently, it gusts. Having a slight variable in strength and direction would provide a better personal challenge and a more equitable team clan match. This would in my view go a long way to help eliminate the definite advantage from clone account clan rounds. Currently players using an alt account have a clear benefit in their second and third (maybe even fourth!) attempts, being able to adjust yardage and clubs to perfect shots closer to the pins on subsequent rounds. Let’s try and keep a level playing field in the game, so it remains fair in competition.

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This subject caused quite the stir when it was brought up in the global chat ingame, unfortunately rather than see it as an opinion on making the game as fair as possible, it was unfortunately seen as excuses were being made for losing. Berta Boyz clan have played this game since the beginning, we are a top 10 team and have remained so for a year, an unfortunate byproduct of our success is losing games, this is not new to us and we are and always have been gracious in defeat. I will not have our clan name or any of our players who express opinions tarnished simply because we express a desire for fair play and for promoting good sportmanship. So yeah, much said it best but having more than one account in my opinion is fine, i don't think nobody has an issue with that.. but its having more than one account belonging to the same person in the same team that we feel is unfair, of course scores will always differ regardless and every shot is different etc.. but in clan games an individual has one chance, not two where he/she can learn from their mistakes, learn in advance the conditions and can then adjust accordingly on their next attempt on the other account.. thats not how it works nor should be able to work. At the end of the day, All we want and ask for as fellow players of this game is for fairness, friendship and for everyone to be able to enjoy the game. Please, I ask anyone who reads this, do not do things that can jeopardise that. It does more harm than good.

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I think having 2 accounts in the same clan is 190% fair. Being, anyone can make and or buy a second device and do the exact same thing. The clubs and components on both accounts are different so each shot taken from both accounts are completely different. The problem is not everyone wants to invest their time in making a second account, so instead they come here and try to tell you guys that it is unfair when it was 100% fair.
Only 190% fair? Why not push the boat out and let's call it 200% fair.
Well King, it was suppose to be 100 but my thumb hit the “9” so I just kept it at 190%.

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"each shot taken from both accounts are completely different".  I think not Ryan, but nice try. 

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