Join our Winter forum contest for up to $100 in-game prizes! (Ends 1/2/2021)

Happy New Year! 
The holidays are here!

Help us spread joy at the end of the year as we celebrate the players who made Perfect Swing- Golf so special in 2020. Thank you so much to everyone who has played the game, we want to provide the forum users with some special rewards for your participation.

When: Entries must be posted Between 12/22/2020 and 1/2/2021.

How To Enter: Reply to this thread with your username and complete sentences about Perfect Swing - Golf with each one of the letters in the word: SANTA or WINTER.

Rewards: All participators will receive a prize. 5 entries will be chosen by GM Mina as winners to receive $100 worth of in-game prizes chosen by the admin.  Rewards will be distributed 1/6.

Here is an example:
Username: Mina

Sometimes I wish Perfect Swing - Golf was real life.
Always do the daily missions for free rewards.
Never disconnect in an online match.

The first tournament entry is free.
All the missions complete? It's time for Frenzy mode!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Winter forum contest!

We sent a gift to all who participated and left their username, and even more special items were sent to 5 people selected by the operations team:


























** Nickname was not received for 고진호 

Please tell us your game nickname at and we will give you a gift.

Thanks for playing and please keep an eye out for the next event!

7명 이 주제를 좋아합니다.

Username: Kanaka

S: Spending time playing Perfect Swing daily

A: Accuracy is key when making great shots

N: Nothing is better than being in a great clan that has no drama

T: The Elite family of clans is the best

A: Awesome app for golf (just wish leveling would start at the level you evolve to and not level 1)

Username: BiGNicKC 

S: Someday, I dream that 

A: Armant won’t be the 

N: Number One Player in 

T: The world. If he can do it, 

A: Anyone can.

Username: RogueGamer 

S: Strong as we play this game we love 

A: Among others who you love to see 

N: Notorious Holes and Never ending fun 

T: Treacherous holes for all to play but beware the fee you pay. 

A: As one we unite Together stronger than one

S: Santa, GM_Mina, gave me

A: A Mythic Club Box for a Christmas gift :)

N: Now, it is time to open.

T: Ta-da.

A: A normal Prickle Driver........ better not cry next year to get an Orange Meteor Putter.

S: So much fun to grind for meteors.

A: Although they always seem to go to BigNick

N: Nevertheless, we grind on.

T: Till our bag is full of gold sticks.

A: Awaiting the day that it comes, just wishing it was easier.

3명 이 주제를 좋아합니다.

Username: bidoolgi

W: Want to become a #1 ranker in Perfect Swing?

I: It is easy because you just collect some Mythic Club Boxes and open it until you complete a Meteor Club Set.

N: Never happened to get a Meteor Club because of bad luck? 

T:Then, try to craft Epic Club boxes or crystal until you get it. 

E: Easy as a Perfect Swing in real life, right?

R: Right.......

Username:  WillFerrule

Wood in hand I approach the tee.

Island green leaves little room for error.

North wind at my back, I switch to a 4 iron.

Tension builds as I line up the shot.

Eagles fly over the pond awaiting my splash down.

Release and pray for dry land.

1명이 이 주제를 좋아합니다.
Username : 김정은발사체 S: Silent night, Holy, Holy night. A: All is calm, but METEO is bright. N: No more go to Field, Stay at home with buddies to enjoy golfing real-time! T: Throw all your concerns away at this moment A: Awesome and Thanks Perfect Swing-Golf!
S : 매일 Perfect Swing을 즐기며 보내는 시간 A : 훌륭한 샷을 만들 때 정확성이 핵심입니다. N : 드라마가없는 위대한 클랜에있는 것보다 더 좋은 것은 없습니다 T : 엘리트 씨족이 최고입니다 A : 골프를위한 멋진 앱 (레벨링이 레벨 1이 아닌 진화하는 레벨에서 시작되기를 바랍니다)
Username: Dyers W: Wishing for the elusive Meteor Putter/Driver I: Into the water again, that par 3 Island green @EG N: Never enough gold for high ranked matches T: The need for private chat system is real! E: Enjoyment from leveling a new club is nonexistent R: Really enjoyed the Christmas gifts, Ty devs !
Username: Offensive S: Sitting with my big red balls, A: A girl named Becky said to me: N: Nail me under the mistletoe, T: Tickle me under the Christmas tree. A: And don't forget to block Rowdy!
Username: Junniorrr W: Will I get a meteor iron soon ? I: I would like a meteor putter soon. N: Nice of you to send me 500 epics boxes so I can find meteors . T: Tough to wait for meteors. E: Even with mythic boxes I cant find meteor. R: Read above all instruction.... lol
User Name: Vioxx Shooting with Friends I met online Always puts a smile on my face No one knows me in RL but that’s ok They still always cheer me up on a bad day Always having my back when I need them most
Wallowing in the dark bunker of dispair, I ponder why a meteor driver is so rare. Never one to whinge and complain, Then Endgame gets another... Here we go again. Expressing myself to Mina, our faithful adviser, Reveal yourself - Meteor Driver.