Join the Perfect Swing - Golf Share & Win Event from Sept 2-10.

Welcome to the Perfect Swing - Golf Share & Win Event.

From September 2nd to September 10th, follow Perfect Swing on social media and share a screenshot or video clip from the game to get 15 FREE Blazefury balls to use in the game.  Drive the ball further with a 6% distance increase and enjoy extra spin on the ball with 20% increased Curl effect, the Blazefury also helps reduce aerodynamic drag by 20% to cut through tough winds.

How To Enter:

Step 1:

Follow Perfect Swing on your social media platform of choice:

Step 2:

Snap a great screenshot or video from the game and share it on an above platform with the hashtag #PerfectSwingGolf! Learn how to record your screen on iOS and take screenshots on Android.

Step 3:

Email ( us a link to your post and let us know your in-game username. We will send you your 15 free balls as a reward, it's that easy! Anyone who shares will win! Balls will be sent to your in game mailbox, please wait up to 1 week for delivery.

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