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Box pulls, comps in career, oh my

To echo some chatter on the game channels, box pulls have become quite a joke. We have even heard talk that we are all sponsored by Vixen due to the 1:1 guarantee you will pull a 3* vixen junker. I have to say I’ve pulled in the month I’ve been playing from thousands of normal boxes and 300-400 epic and crystal boxes or more the same 3* vixen junker clubs. Typically, I use these to level up and sell for club coins to level up new clubs, but here is the issue. My next up grade is to six star clubs and from my calculations show, this will take me no less than two months of play for two clubs, at best and that is with hours of match play...and winning, which I don’t do much of unfortunately. This tedium makes the game play rather stagnant once the beginner development ceases. 

It is odd, and I’m sure can also be explained away as chance and dumb luck but yesterday (and happens pretty much daily) we saw quite a few meteor club drops from epic boxes and crystal craft, mostly going to level 15 and below players. I befriended them to see their levels.  In fact, one of our mates had three stellar meteor drops in a row. 

All of this to say that I’m a decent player. I’m no Gypsyryder (who is a stellar human), but I can hold my own with my decent clubs, good days, bad days, etc. However, I still have two fairways on Eagle Glen that I fall short into the sand on (unless I have a strong wind at my back) on SS tee boxes (clan and SS). And, if you remember, that really annoying par three from my previous post (thank you for the response) poses issues with those in my category, which I imagine is a lot of baseline players constituting the majority of your players. While on SS, the decent comp drops are about as impossible to find as are meteors. Most people sell the 4* comps for cash that go to feed the comp power-up failure machine (read my previous post about failure rate after +12). 

Lastly, there are still quite a few glitches with wind and curl combinations that cause the ball to not curl, but instead go immediately left or right in some cases. Oak Hills #2 and a long, straight par three For one (all from SS tee boxes). It’s become quite the joke with some, and a challenge shot among others. I’ve seen cases where wind and ball lie aren’t predictable. There is a drive on an Oak Hills long par three that is a flat lie, but we all know defaults to the right as a 3 degree right lie. 

We all know you have a default response for all of this. After all, what else can you do but ‘take this back to your team and discuss these matters’. Transparency, for one would help. Post what changes you are considering with a goal update date, for a start. We know you must be 

aware of these deadlines. Of course, your players would honestly like for the growth of the player’s equipment to be tangential to the amount of play and ‘skill’ in play based on time invested in play. They don’t feel this is the case due to the box pull ‘luck’ and lack of opportunities to earn better comps or equipment (apart from the Vanquishers). The game is well-liked. Definitely needs more tweaks and fixes here and there. 

Totally agree with all of Murph’s comments as he is a very stellar player and person himself. His input here should be recognized and taken very seriously by your technical team as he speak’s for everyone in the game who enjoys playing seriously. It is understandably that once clubs are fully leveled to 6 star that a player will probably not spend anymore money on this game. But, the low rate of pulling quality clubs is really frustrating people and actually driving them to quit playing. Hopefully you can see Murph’s point on this matter. To continue on about his comment regarding the component pulls in SS, you guys should make the rewards in accordance to the score posted for each round of 6 holes. One can shoot -1 and get 2 - 5 star components or shoot -8 and get 2 - 4 star components, this is very frustrating for us players and is a very hot topic in world and clan chats. We love the game and realize it is in its infancy and look forward to your continued improvements. Actually I think you guys should put Murph on payroll for his keen observations towards the improvement of a very good game, but don’t get complacent being satisfied when there are many improvements that could really make this the best app golf game online...thanks again for your time Eagle.....l

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Wow, Murph well said!  Was looking to share my frustrations (possibly a goodbye game post) and you just about covered it all, Thanks!  I am doing a 4* to 5* driver evolve and it’s hell.  I started playing match mode for first time and did marathon for 2 days to make enough just for a broken putter.  Had to level up all decent clubs to sell.  Why because the game just refuses to give me a driver from any boxes (mythic,epic,crystal) always a putter or wedge.  So my only driver (store prickle) needs to be leveled up fast after evolving.  Anyway enough of my stuff/rant something I wanted to add to your post and have questioned game support staff is why do we only get 13 clubs instead of 14?  I cannot tell you how huge (at least for me) having a 3 iron would be!  That 4 iron to 5 wood gap just kills me because of the spin difference and clubs are not high enough level that I can just make drastic changes without a huge consequence.  And I’m  with you with glitches as well as why do they make tee shots for short hitters so incredibly more difficult?  Great example Eagle Glen #18 trying to get in fairway on right side requires landing in rough with left curl to roll out to fairway.  Whereas long hitters able to go left can get away with good left or right and be fine.  

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I am a relatively new player. I have done quite well at times and just awful at others. Reached level 21, although I do not know what that means. Made huge $$ mistakes that PS says they cannot correct. Have gotten to 2 silver stars to get bumped down because I don't have the clubs yet you stay there with my level of ability. Where can I get more info on the game? I send a question to PS almost everyday and they offer answers, but not always enough detail for a novice. How did all you better players learn the ins and outs of the game? My biggest issue is that I can play to a tie with players with much higher trophy scores, but lose 4 out of 5 tie games. Usually because I over shoot the tie-breaker. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated..

Just a couple things I can offer— Don’t be to eager to win your tier.  I made that mistake was put in masters tier and regretting it everyday.  How is your career mode going along?  Have you won the black tees on all courses?  Need to do that ASAP so you can play the specials and collect best components for clubs.  And at the same time this will get you used to advancing your clubs which you have to do in order to win the black tees.  So more career mode than match mode is what I would do but that’s just my opinion.  I’m just a bottom tier player stuck in masters so might not be the best info for you.  If Gypsy happens to leave advice, listen to him, he is one of the best if not the best player in the game!  Just remember he charges for advice so make sure to mention me so I get a discount too....just kidding...

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Wm, Jkuz offers some great advice. Stay low in the ranks until you start to feel more comfortable with your swing. Match play is not designed to match player ability equally, so you will hit more challenging rounds than not. Most match rounds end up in playoffs, and the key to winning really is two things: distance (at least 250 on driver) and experience in judging wind, lie, and elevation. Refer to Gypsy’s post on here for match stuff, as he is pretty damn good at judging these. For me, I tend to rely on a few things: wind in mph = 2x y/s. So, a 4 mph wind is near to 2 y/s. Calculate how long the ball stays in the air for each club and jot these down. I did this while leveling clubs on Oak Hills. This gives you distance (pretty damn close). Or, if you continue to play, you’ll get really good at guessing proximity in relation to wind before too long. Lie degree = wind (pretty close). So, 2 degree lie = 2 y/s wind. Doing math quickly is not ideal in match but with practice, you won’t need to after a while. Uphill/downhill lies are similar to left/right. Rough/sand shots reduce indicated length by prescribed percentages. I don’t recall offhand, but I’m pretty sure they’re listed somewhere. Components on clubs are crucial. R components (4 total) will automatically give you 20% putt length (putt guide line). You still ideally want putt + and % on main stats, but sub stats as well. Focus is great for accuracy which slows meter (two of these) again ideally with putt stats. Irons and wedge, W comps for backspin. F comps for focus. Driver - strictly power and focus (V comps and/or F comps). Keep in mind power and accuracy are relative to one another. Power should be ideally less than accuracy = more controllable meter, but isn’t necessary for all players. Woods, same as driver, but you might want two W comps for backspin and power. For all other questions, stick with chat in the game. You’re likely to get better answers more quickly. Interact is a champ like Gypsy and other top players. Take their advice. Look to the discord set up by Interact as well. You can find this on their clan sign-up page in clan search (search for ‘Avengers’). I’ll see you out there. Cheers,

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 Thank you guys for taking the time to give me your advice. I can't tell you much I have gained from your info and only hope i can put it to good use. Thank you MUCH!!!!

Couldn’t agree with you more Murphicus, have been at that point for a while now and it’s getting a bit tedious, have never got a Meteor club, (im level 47 now) and components successfully earned are of lesser value then previously, regardless of score.

I believe that clubs should be earned in sequence as you progress along and not just be luck of the draw, This is supposed to be a game of skill, not luck.

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It’s so frustrating to be advancing and getting 3*** draws when all my clubs are 5 or better. Killer to try to get 5*****to evolve. Been playing Oak In my spare time to grow sacrifice clubs.

Our clan is in agreement with veterans leaving in frustration. Also in agreement that the algorithms are way off on some holes. The money drain of component improvement also is extremely frustrating for us.

My current issue, and I have emailed PS about this a few times, is the inability to under-swing clubs. On a real golf course we underswing or open the club face, or close it and adjust swing speed to accomplish various hits. Usually these adjustments are for wind or height challenges. I understand that bringing those types of player tunings to be very difficult to deliver, a basic underpowered swing is very doable.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had to pull the button all the way down when using my 3 wood off the tee because my driver is 10 yards too long. Same between 4 iron and 5 wood or 9 iron and pitching wedge. Gypsy Ryder has mentioned the gaps above. I agree…especially in those gap-zones…the longer clubs, driver, 5 wood and 9 iron should be adapted to allow for a lower yardage pull on the slider. Like down to 80%. After all on a real golf course I could use a driver from 80-240 yards. (Unfortunately in the real world I don’t drive the ball 395 yards).

Just my input on a great discussion. Thanks

Murph, You are my hero. Three star after three star after three star with low quality comps assigned. I have a meteor driver, white and black , with the same red colored skill comp that was assigned to the club a year ago. I have not been able to use the skill because, when you finally get a good skill comp, you do not get another one ( same comp different club)so the original comp is basically worthless. I received the meteor driver with a gray and black background box, I’m pretty sure it was a year ago or more. It was among the first boxes that I opened. Like any decent law, abiding gamer, I reached into my billfold and pulled out $40 to get started, as I know that much time is spent by the gaming industry to make sure that our gaming experience is a good one. I have not seen a decent driver since. These games, especially the ones that are popular generate a decent revenue stream for the app’s developers, and the people and or companies that back the product at its origin. I do not look for ways to cheat as it is much like playing real golf. You are playing yourself, so what is the point in writing down a 32 when you scored a 37 ? At any rate, your comments go to the heart of what’s wrong with the gaming industry. You pay for the experience, and then become somewhat addicted to find that there is basically an end to the story much sooner than you expected. Best regards, Mark H Moody P. S. Yes, I know the typing is lazy and the grammar poor. I use speech to text and I simply did not have the energy to proofread.
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