Perfect Swing - Golf Anniversary Celebration Forum & In-game Event

Greetings, Perfect Swing Golfers!!

Please help us celebrate our second anniversary! Thank you so much to everyone who has played the game! We want to provide the forum users with some special rewards for your participation. Moreover, we have prepared daily crystal gifts all week long! Don't forget to log in to the game every day this week! XD

When: Entries must be posted Between 5/2/2022 and 5/15/2022.  

How To Enter: Reply to this thread with your username and a Acrostic Poem about Perfect Swing - Golf with lines that start with each one of the letters: PSG or GOLF.

Rewards: 20 randomly selected participants will receive $100 worth of in-game prizes! Rewards will be sent by 5/18/2022. 

Here is an example:
Username: Mina

Purpose in life, solved.

Sand wedge must be evolved.

Give me more of that Perfect Swing - Golf!

Let's have some fun! 

PROTRIPS:   It doesn't have to rhyme, and don't worry about the formatting.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the forum event! 

Here are the 20 lucky winners:





















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VicInClevela Please be kind and Select me for the Giveaway

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G: Good Mina please O: offer me L: live time clubs with F: fittings to match

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Username : 3after3 G: Good mina please O: offer me L: life long clubs with F: fittings to match

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Username: haydengregor P: Precious is the distance S: Sweet the Fairway found G: Great day everyone for another PSG round

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Username = Borscht

Perfect Swing is a really fun game

Sometimes it drives you crazy, all the same

Go for it, nothing to lose, no reason for shame

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Username: Casio P - Perfection in a golf game, almost… S - So many vixens tho G - Give is more tournaments and Club attribute colours…

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User name is: trappahjohn Pure drives in regulation Sinking putts and Breakin clanmates speculation Getting an Orange met is out of the equation... #❤️FRIENDS❤️

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User name : 4runner

Playing this game is exactly what I needed

Sending gifts to my friends daily is so much fun

Gives me hope that all the world needs to bring everyone together is a game like this

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Username calinoor

P; pin in sight

S; swiping down to launch my straightest shot ever seen

G; gleam with joy as I see my ball land on the green

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Username EnDGaMe P-please for the love of God. S- send me orange meteor clubs. G- glad to play and support PSG please let me win the prize

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유저네임:여니나여니 퍼 퍼펙트스윙 골프게임을 만난지 2년여~~ 스 스며든듯 언제나 나와 함께 하고 있구나~ 골 골프는 이런것이구나~ 너희들은 필드가니? 난 앉아서 골프친다^^

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User Name: 헤저드박


Good manners make you a Good player.

OB often drives you crazy.

Let your anger go away and let your mind relax.

Feel joy, feel happy.

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Username: 돌곰 P: 피카츄랑 S : 스골에 갔다 G : gg
Username Junnniorr: poem in french P: Personnel plaisir de jouer S: Sur des terrains bien dessiner G: Golfer avec des amis rencontrer Thanks guys
User name-HunterBonham Pulled another 3 star club Searching for an Orange Met driver Grabbing another beer before CL