Perfect Swing - Golf Anniversary Celebration Forum & In-game Event

Greetings, Perfect Swing Golfers!!

Please help us celebrate our second anniversary! Thank you so much to everyone who has played the game! We want to provide the forum users with some special rewards for your participation. Moreover, we have prepared daily crystal gifts all week long! Don't forget to log in to the game every day this week! XD

When: Entries must be posted Between 5/2/2022 and 5/15/2022.  

How To Enter: Reply to this thread with your username and a Acrostic Poem about Perfect Swing - Golf with lines that start with each one of the letters: PSG or GOLF.

Rewards: 20 randomly selected participants will receive $100 worth of in-game prizes! Rewards will be sent by 5/18/2022. 

Here is an example:
Username: Mina

Purpose in life, solved.

Sand wedge must be evolved.

Give me more of that Perfect Swing - Golf!

Let's have some fun! 

PROTRIPS:   It doesn't have to rhyme, and don't worry about the formatting.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the forum event! 

Here are the 20 lucky winners:





















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Username: luckygolfer

Golf is a game they said until I
OB hole 2 on Lesja
Lost my ball can someone climb the mountains please
Fuck... at least I can save par

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Username: weatherbox Golf is my life Oops~!! Pertect swing is different? Work, Life , valens all combination Finish~!!!

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Username : 一모모一

P : Please, Please, Please

S : Save my perfect swing life

G : Give me METEO items~~~

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Username: 안토니아 Thanks for making a fun game ^ ^ P: please S: Strong Team Golf Elbow All team members G: Give me a game item

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Username: 안토니아 P: please S: Strong Teamwork Golf Elbow Team G: Give me a game item It's a fun and perfect swing game I have a good day Thank you.~

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username : 미니뇽 G : Go..Ghost!!!??? O : Oh my god ! I'm scared. so i'll sing a song L : La~ lalalala... F : Fuck.. I shit my pants

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Username: GoBrandon Give me a meteor driver oh please Or take this game off my phone Life is a perfect swing Forever will I play PSG

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Username: Kevin64 P : Putting is S : Significant to G : Golf very much.

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User Name: 헤저드박

Plan your joyful life with Perfect Swing. Do you have any difficulties in playing this Game?

Solve your problems and difficulties by joining ‘Golf Elbo Clan.’(골프엘보)

Golf Elbo clan will make you a best player.

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User Name: Jeff1515

Prickles, Vixens, Trainers and Mets

Swinging away as we go in more debt

GM Mina says "I need a Corvette"

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Username: 一모모一

P: Put your hands up !!!

S  :  Shout   “Golf  Elbow Clan !!!”
G  :  Go !!!  Go !!! Forever !!!

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Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!

Username: 一 Claretjug -

Go! Play
Let's go
For you, for you only, play anywhere, Perfect Swing!

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Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!

Username: 一 Claretjug -

Go! Play
Let's go
For you, for you only, play anywhere, Perfect Swing!

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P: Perpetual Passion S: Skill Seeking G: Gratifying Game G-len not near as evil now that we all get our Asan’s whipped weekly! O-bsessed with obtaining B comps! L-ove the skills challenge each match brings & F-inding friends on fairways! Thanks for the gifts Mina!!

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