To get the video of the gameplay, kindly go to your account settings > archive. Look for the replay of the match and tap it. There will be an option to either watch the replay or share it, please tap 'share'.

  1. Lobby
  2. Tap the Gear Icon or your Display Avatar
  3. Settings
  4. Archive
  5. Choose the Course and Hole
  6. Tap 'Share'

Each shot in your game will be listed so it is easier for you to choose in which shot you encountered an issue. Please click the play button of the shot you wanted to share.

For Android:

After clicking the play button, permission to record your screen message will appear. Please select 'Launch'

For iOS:

After clicking the play button, a system message will ask for permission to allow screen recording. Press 'Record Screen'

After recording the replay, please save the video.

Saved videos will now be available on either Photos or Gallery of your respective device.