Club skills are special bonuses that a club receives after it is fitted. Clubs that are naturally 2 Star or higher are eligible for fitting to receive a Club Skill. Once a club is fit with a skill, the club permanently has that skill.

The following Club Skills are available for clubs to randomly* receive:



Grades (I, II, III, IV), Levels (0 ~ 10)


Wind effect is reduced by 3% per level.

I (0/4), II (0/6), III (0/8), IV (0/10)

Rough Shot

Rough distance increases by 1% per level.

I (0/4), II (0/6), III (0/8), IV (0/10)

Bunker Shot

Bunker distance increases by 1% per level.

I (0/4), II (0/6), III (0/8), IV (0/10)


Club level increases by skill level.

I (0/2), II (0/3), III (0/4), IV (0/5)


Perfect shot zone increases by 10% per level.

I (0/4), II (0/6), III (0/8), IV (0/10)


Gauge speed is reduced by 5% per level when overpowering.

I (0/4), II (0/6), III (0/8), IV (0/10)

* Drivers will not receive 
Rough Shot & Bunker Shot. Putters will not receive Rough Shot, Bunker Shot & Aeroefficiency.

Club Skills will receive a random grade which will determine their maximum level. Club Skill grades are color coded: I = Green, II = Blue, III = Orange, IV = Red. You can sacrifice a club with the same skill and grade as a catalyst to raise the skill level of your club. Clubs used as catalysts can be lower star clubs if they have the same grade of club skills (Example, you can skill up a Grade II Overpowering skill of your 6 Star Meteor Driver using 3 Star club that also has a Grade II Overpowering skill.

Natural Star Rating

Coins To Fit

Skills Grade

Skills Unlocked

2 Star

5,000 Coins

Grade I skills


3 Star

10,000 Coins

Up to grade II skills


4 Star

50,000 Coins

Up to grade III skills


5 Star

100,000 Coins

Up to grade IV skills