Clubs have a maximum level based on their star.  When a club has reached its max level, it can be evolved, which upgrades it to the next star rating and resets its level to 1.  Clubs can be evolved up to 6 stars.  The chart below shows the maximum level a club can get for each star rating.

Club Star RatingMaximum Level

Other clubs will be need to be sacrificed as Catalysts to upgrade a club.  To upgrade a 1 star club to 2 star, one 1 star club is needed.  To upgrade a 2 star club to 3 stars, two 2 star clubs will need to be sacrificed, and so on, the chart below shows the number of catalysts and their star ratings needed to evolve a club.

Evolving Club Star Rating# Of Catalysts NeededMinimum Rating Of Catalysts
1 to 2
2 to 322
3 to 433
4 to 544
5 to 655

To evolve a club that has reached its Maximum Level:

  1. Select "CLUB" from the Main Menu screen
  2. Select the type of club
  3. Select the icon for the club twice
  4. Select "Evolve" in the club dialog window
  5. Select which Clubs you will sacrifice as a Catalysts.
  6. Confirm the evolution (if you have enough coins)

Congratulations, your club has increased its star rating and has more powerful base stats!  It starts at level 1, so be sure to level up your new club to get its stats back up to and beyond the old maximum levels stats.