You may customize your club with 6 types of components: Groove, Ferrule, Shaft, Lead Tape, Grip, and Grip Cap.

Components can be earned in Career Mode, and purchased in the Time Shop.

Components have a main stat that is increased when you power-up the Component.  Components may be powered up 15 times. When the component powers up to levels +3, +6, +9, and +12 a new sub-stat is gained or an original sub-stat is increased.

Clubs may receive additional set effects by equipping 2 or 4 of the Components with the same Set options.  There are 8 different set options each represented by a letter.

VVitalStrength + 20%4 Set
EEnergyStrength + 304 Set
CCenterAccuracy + 152 Set
FFocusAccuracy + 10%2 Set
SSwirlCurl + 20%4 Set
WWallBackspin + 10%2 Set
PProtectRecovery + 10%2 Set
RRevealPutt + 20%4 Set