WARNING: Syncing your account to another device will leave your account on the original device as well.  If you reset your game on the original device, your character will be reset on the new device as well, they are synced. You will not be able to play on both devices simultaneously.

You may not sync a character from iOS to iOS or Android to Android, for that functionality, simply sign into the same account and you will be logged in to the same character. On both Android and iOS you may sync your account to the other platform, including your character, progress, clubs, and all currencies, to another device that uses a separate Google Play or iTunes account by following these steps:

1. On both devices tap the character portrait from the main menu screen and select "Sync Device" to open the device syncing screen.

2. On the old device, select "Sync Other Device"

3. On the new device, select "Sync from Other Device"

4. On the new device, enter the 12 digit numerical code displayed on the old device screen.

5. On the new device, Press the "Sync Other Device" and confirm the warning dialog

Now your accounts are synced. You may play the game on either device and any currencies or progress changed on one will apply to the other.