There are 5 types of clubs: Drivers, Woods, Irons, Wedges, and Putters.

Grade: All clubs have a star ★ rating of 1-6.

Rarity: There are five types of rarity, Normal (White), Magic (Green), Rare (Blue), Hero (Purple), and Legendary (Orange).

Stats: There are 6 stats: Strength, Accuracy, Curl, Recovery, Putt, and Backspin. Each stat also has 5 different types of rarity.

Strength: Higher power stat allows clubs to hit the ball further. Putters with high power stats can long putt with more stability.  However, if the power stat is higher than the accuracy stat, the Shot Gauge’s speed increases and it becomes harder to hit.

Accuracy: Higher Accuracy stat slows down the speed of the Shot Gauge. It is always better to have a higher Accuracy stat than Power stat.

Recovery: Higher Recovery stat reduces distance penalties in bunkers and roughs. The Shot Gauge speed is also decreased when hitting from a bunker or rough. This stat is not needed for Drivers or Putters.

Curl: Helps hit more effective Draw or Fade shots. This stat is not necessary for Putters.

Backspin: Higher Backspin stat puts more backspin on the ball. Backspin does not affect the ball's trajectory.

This stat is not necessary for putters.

PuttThe higher your putter's putt stat, the farther the distance your Putting Guide trajectory will show.

For drivers alone, there are 8959 types of unique drivers.  Play with your club to earn EXP and level it up.  Sell your club to earn Club Coins, and use them to level up other clubs. Max level clubs can be evolved to improve their star rating, up to 6 stars. A new rarer club is not always better than an older leveled up and/or evolved club with a rare high rating in a stat you like.