In Clan League, Clan members compete together against a different Clan in a Clan League Battle from Monday to Saturday, every 12 hours.

Each Clan member is given 3 balls and 12 strokes for each ball. For Completed holes, the distance between the tee box to the hole cup is measured. For incomplete holes, travel distance to the hole cup is added. When another ball is used, play will begin from the incomplete hole's tee. The total distance of the top 20 players in each Clan is added up and compared to see which Clan wins. If a birdie is scored (-1 under par) then the score will be doubled, if an eagle (-2 under par) is scored, the distance will be tripled, and so on.

Clan members earn Clan Coins based on completed holes and earn twice the rewards if the Clan wins. At the end of the league on Sunday, each clan member receives Clan League Weekly Rewards based on their contribution, so if they contributed 20% of the yard, they get 20% of the prizes. In case of Clan disbandment and for the booted players, Clan League Weekly Rewards will be forfeited for members who will fail to log in before the disbandment.

Clan Coins can be used to purchase items from the Clan Shop such as club boxes and clothes.

How to create a Clan? 

- A player must be at least level 20 and pay 200,000 coins.

How to join a Clan? 

Select Community from the Main Menu screen and select the Clan tab, set search filters you would like such as Any Country, and then select Search, If a clan has less than 30 members and the join type is set to Automatic you will instantly join.

How to leave a Clan?

- Select Community from the Main Menu screen and select the Clan tab, at the bottom part of the 'My Clan' page, you can press the 'Leave Clan' Button.

How long can I join a Clan again after leaving?

There is a 12-hour waiting time for a player to be able to join a Clan again.