Warning: Match mode takes place live versus another opponent, exiting the app during a match will cause your game to be out of sync, please keep the game open to avoid any issues, thank you for your attention to this matter.

In Match mode, you can compete 1 on 1 in real time online against another player. The stage is made up of 1 hole chosen at random.

Match Stamina is used for Match play. 1 Match Stamina is recovered every 30 minutes.

You can earn Honor Coins and Trophies by winning Match games. Honor Coins can be used to buy clothes, club boxes, coins, and more in the Honor shop, while Trophies are used as ELO rating points to find a game between fair opponents, players will not be matched if there is an over 150 point difference in their trophies.

More or less trophies will be awarded to the winner and deducted from the loser based on the size of the difference in their trophy counts, for example a player with 2,000 trophies will lose more to a player with 1,000 than they would against someone closer to them. Playing a match against the AI or when a friend challenges you will not affect your ELO score (trophies), but will still award Honor Coins.

At the end of the day players will receive a Daily Reward and tiers will be updated, the bottom 30% of players based on trophies in a League will go down a tier, and the top 30% will advance to the next league as long as there are 300 players ready to create a new tier.

At the end of the week on Sunday night, all players will lose 50 trophies, and anyone lower than 1,000 will be brought back up to 1,000.

The amount of Honor Coins given for a win and the Daily Reward is based on the table below:

Match LeagueVictory RewardDaily Reward
Master 38 Honor Coins200 Crystals
Master 27 Honor Coins175 Crystals
Master 17 Honor Coins
150 Crystals
Pro 36 Honor Coins125 Crystals
Pro 26 Honor Coins105 Crystals
Pro 15 Honor Coins85 Crystals
Advanced 35 Honor Coins65 Crystals
Advanced 24 Honor Coins50 Crystals
Advanced 14 Honor Coins35 Crystals
Intermediate3 Honor Coins25 Crystals
Recreational3 Honor Coins15 Crystals
Novice2 Honor Coins10 Crystals

Compete for a spot to be displayed in the Global Rankings leader-board where the top 100 players are highlighted.