You can get new clubs as rewards in Career mode, from Crafting them, or from the Shop.

In the Club menu under the Craft tab you may use 20 Normal Club Boxes to craft a 1-3 star club. These are the boxes you can get from friends as gifts, and they can also be found as rewards in Career mode, or purchased in the Honor or Time Shops.

Use 20 Epic Club Boxes to craft a club that will be guaranteed to be 3 to 5 stars. These boxes are given as Tournament rewards, or can be purchased for Honor Points in the Honor Shop, or with Clan Coins in the Clan Shop

20 Mythic Club Boxes will craft a four to five star club, these boxes come from Tournament rewards, and can be purchased in the Clan Shop with Clan Coins.

You may also use 77 crystals to craft a three to five star club.

Mythic Component Boxes can be used to craft four to five star Components for your clubs, these can only be earned by playing Special Stages in Career mode.

The Vanquisher Driver Box crafts a 5 star driver, and is bought in the Honor Shop

The Vanquisher Putter Box will craft a 5 star putter, and is purchased from the Clan Shop.

Career mode offers another way to get new clubs without having to craft them. Each course has specific types of clubs that can drop there as a reward for completing a set. Tap on the (i) Info button in-game, or see the "Drop Items" list before setting out on when playing a Set, or refer to the chart below to see what club types drop on what course.

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