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forearm graphical glitch with Lagoon Shirt

Hello, I was wondering if you guys are able to fix a minor graphical glitch with male characters using the Lagoon Shirt?

There is an issue with the right forearm that makes it deformed into during some animations (notably Birdies and Eagles). I'm quite sure there's no issue with any other Shirt, only the Lagoon Shirt.

Here's an example of a Birdie celebration animation, comparing the Classic Shirt and the Lagoon Shirt:


the right arm looks normal in that animation, and now the Lagoon Shirt below


deformation of the forearm

here's another comparison in the Shop screen, comparing the Classic Shirt, Pro Shirt, and Lagoon Shirt. You can see the right forearm for Classic Shirt and Pro Shirt are the same, but the Lagoon Shirt has a different (mesh?) to it:


Classic Shirt


Pro Shirt (right forearm same as Classic Shirt)


Lagoon Shirt (right forearm has a different shape/mesh, that's a bit lower)

every other shirt has the same forearm (excluding Muse Shirt of course since it's long sleeved).

Anyway, it looks like a simple shape/mesh issue, and it just needs to be replaced to the same one as the others (Classic, Pro, etc.) Please let me know if it can/cannot be fixed, because it seems simple enough to me but maybe I just don't realize it's more complicated than that!


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