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Meteor clubs

Am I the only 2 red star player been playing for about 15 months NOT to been RANDOMLY selected to have been granted a meteor club.

No, been play 18 months never spent a penny and never gotten anything better than a vixen. I earned my two red stars and two vanquisher clubs the old fashioned way playing for them. Clearly a lot of people are spending money to get ahead but this game offers no path to top stuff without paying a lot of money which I think is very unfair so I won’t give the devs a penny

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Hi Stephen. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Lots of comments in forum and reviews saying much the same. So unfair for us long time players. I've play with 5 star vixen clubs, all components maxed out. Given up crafting as get nowhere. Also don't bother with tour 3 as just get totally outplayed by lesser players with superior clubs. 1 star bronze players with meteor clubs


What level are you? I had a played was going the way yours is but lost it during moving back to iOS. But I took the opportunity with this player to start hard after the two Vanquishers available and then get them to six stars. It's hard to do without spending a penny but I went for the putter first and got it around level 20 and the driver at level 40 (that took a year).  I also focused on getting my Vixen clubs to 6 stars (it's a pain in the ass and takes about 6 weeks per club). But now I"m level 49, 2 red star, Vanquisher 6 star driver, Vixen 6 star woods and iron, Vixen 5 star wedge (will work it to six now, hopefully by Halloween), Vanquisher 6 star putter. I also aim for gauge speed 70 to 80% except driver is 62%

I also use pink balls which I get from Clan play and use only in clan, not in match. On Match, I play ONLY the second level as I win about 8 out 10 matches there.

Is it what I really want, know. I'm good enough skill wise, putting is 1.17 and I'm usually second in my clan and the top 5 all drive the ball 400+ where as  I do about 300 reliably, 320 at max swing on flat.

A meteor club would be awesome but it's simply never shown up. I really feel its a shakedown to get me frustrated  to finally spend the hundreds of $$$ they want to get a several meteors.

I also wish those of use they don't spend $$$ would get a special amateur status and could be matched only against amateurs and let the meteor 500+ yard drivers play there silly stuff on there own.

Finally, when I'm matched against someone driving a 400 yard hole to the green, I immediately quit the game as protest then rejoin quickly and seek out a new match. It seems to sometime fool the game but at least it's a protest as the bomber has to sit there for awhile to get the win.

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