Perfect Swing - Golf Anniversary Celebration Forum & In-game Event

Greetings, Perfect Swing Golfers!!

Please help us celebrate our third anniversary! Thank you so much to everyone who has played the game! We want to provide some special rewards for your participation. 

Moreover, we have prepared daily gifts all week long! Don't forget to log in to the game every day this week! XD

When: Entries must be posted Between 5/1/2023 and 5/14/2023.  

How To Enter: Reply to this thread with your username and an Acrostic Poem about Perfect Swing - Golf with lines that start with each one of the letters: PSG or GOLF.

Rewards: 10 best entries selected by GM Nash and 10 randomly selected participants will receive $100 worth of in-game prizes! Rewards will be sent by 5/17/2023. 

Here is an example:
Username: Nash

Purpose in life, solved.

Sand wedge must be evolved.

Give me more of that Perfect Swing - Golf!

Let's have some fun! 

PROTRIPS:   It doesn't have to rhyme, and don't worry about the formatting.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the forum event! 

Here are the 20 winners:





















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user id: Kiddo

P ractice makes perfect — swing

S o keep at it with dedication and focus

G aining skills and strategy through the clan leagues

G et ready to play,

O ptimize and hone your skills with every swing

L earn to love the game

F or a hole in one, give it all it takes

User id : Łucas // G : Green grass, gentle breeze, and the sun // O : Open skies, the game has begun // L : Long drives, precise putts, all in one // F : Fun-filled Golf game, let's play PSG!
Username : AkeAngelo / P : Please fix the match play because it's taking time so long now to get a match, especially T5 T6 T7 / S : Should add a new mode or something new to make this game interesting to play again. / G : Glad to play a great game like PSG.
Username: SithBoi P: played n played for blue boxes
Username: SithBoi P: played n played for blue boxes

User name: Mistit 

Play the game

Spot the shot

Get the WIN!

Username : 一모모一

P : Passion

S : Sensation

G : Get PSG users up!!!

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Perfection is what we strive for Seldom will we achieve more Golfers can only win with a low score From: SirKitten Golf is the strangest sport Only the dedicated support Lesser devotion will cost Failure and many games lost From: LordKitten

Username DarkCali

Pairing with your mates in clan league!

Smashing the blaze ball as far you can!

Gallery cheers for joy as you sink your putt to win the match!


Gauge glitched oh no not again

Out of bounds my ball goes when does it end

Laugh about it with all of my crew

Flushed another week down the toilet like I always do

From the Oak Hill greens to the Asan winter land. I stay compose,fear to end in the sand. With a fierce pullback and drive off the Tee. I'm happy to play.......PSG!
RustyTrophy Pease Send Gems
Rustyτ(Greek t)rophy Gratz on the 3rd year anniversary Option to change club coins into coins very nice would be Let’s go for a 10 to 1 ratio Fair to me it seems to be
SnitchSlayer Please no gems for me Seriously I’m not worthy Give them all to RustyTrophy

Username: Coogie00

G: reat day, let's play!

O: ak hills I'm on my way

L: ong walks? yes, it's okay! 

F: ly high, get that birdie right.