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Like so many others it would appear I'm getting a bit frustrated and fed up with not getting the opportunity to improve my club's. I've been playing for about 7 months, have 4 star pickle clubs, 5 star components. Level 45 , epic boxes a plenty that are no use to me at all. Craft lesser clubs everyday for some shield rewards that just seem to mass somewhere. Must be one of the very few players that don't own any meteor clubs. Keep playing is the advice I get from the very helpful people in the help desk but to what end. I've levelled out, plateaued and it's frustrating as hell.

Again I know how you feel. After receiving all the gift crystals and using them to create 15 to 20 clubs. Only to receive all with only 3 stars. Again just recently creating at least 30 more clubs through epic, mythic and crystals and receiving mostly 3 star clubs(two 4 stars but no 5 stars). Like I said before, not very random. I’ve decided not to spend any more money. Just going to try and enjoy the game. Still a little frustrating when you see bronze stars with 1 or 2 gold clubs. Even more frustrating seeing others with 3 gold clubs. Try not to take the game too serious.

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Hi Nick. We hear your frustrations in enhancing your club. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Hang on, and you will get there! It is also strongly recommended to play special and career stages and open mythic component boxes to get unique components that will greatly help support your club's performance. We also suggest joining clans that will assist you in your progress or asking in the general chat for recommendations. If you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us. Good luck, and have a lovely day!

Thanks John. It would appear we are not the only ones to be very frustrated by the random awarding of better clubs regardless of level or star rating. In matchplay I've played many bronze and silver star players who have numerous gold clubs. I'm just about to become level 46, have four star clubs, components maxed out and I still can't reach the fairway from the gold Rees at eagle glen or asan. Contacted help desk many times , been very good, but basically told to just keep playing get rewards, trade in for 4 star clubs which takes a month at 5 tokens a week max, get 1000,000 coins and maybe you can get a better club
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