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Is it not possible to edit my player once created?

I like to change things like hair style/hair color on my game characters to match the time of year or holiday etc (for example, Green hair for St Patrick's Day, or shorter hair in the summer)

Is this really not possible to do on this game? The player creator was so basic that I can't see why it wouldn't be implemented?

Maybe I'm just not clever and can't work out how to do it after creating a character? If so, let me know...

Otherwise, I love this game, but I am surprised this isn't a feature, and I think it should be added

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Hello Tony! We appreciate your interest in customizing your game characters to match different occasions and seasons like you wanted. You can change your character's appearance, such as hair color and style by purchasing a change appearance card for 300 crystals. Just go to SHOP > SPECIAL tab to purchase the said card. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions. Have a lovely day! 

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