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Speedrunning mode

Can you consider making a game mode for speedrunning? All 18 holes of a course should be playable with a timer? 

Hello, Maou! Thank you for sharing your suggestion about adding a game mode where players play an 18-hole course with a timer. I will surely escalate your idea to our developers for consideration. Kindly visit our official sites to get news should we post announcements about game updates:




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Patch notes/events announcement:

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For examples, You seperate each run category with each tee box from white to gold tees. You can make the game mode a one time purchase with diamonds or just free. The timer should go up to hundredths of milliseconds. If you want an example Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 did this with Speed golf single player except they did not add a list for the time of each hole after all 18 holes are played.

Hi Maou. Thank you very much for explaining to us how this works briefly. We will take this as our reference and discuss it with our team. Feel free to share us more ideas, and I'd be happy to know about them!

I'll use this video as an example for how it can work as this is how tiger woods 2002 handles it. Short Pop ups like the fairway, rough, bunker, water hazard, OB should not count torwards the timer.
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