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Very poor legend draws and worse random fittings

In the past nine months I have opened dozens and dozens of legend crafts. On the very rare occasion that the club is worth fitting, without fail, the random fitting is not worthwhile.

I have contacted PS often regarding this matter. I have played this game almost daily for two years and every month I pay the $10 to get the match bonuses…mainly for the legendaries. We have quite a few newer players in our clan with excellent clubs with outstanding fittings. There just seems to be an unevenness to the distributions.

Finally…I often ask what can be done with these five star clubs I have from long ago that have been replaced with better clubs. You can’t even use a dead five star to raise up a four star. I believe this game needs to give players a way to trade-up great clubs or at the very least, create a mechanism that no matter how costly, will allow a club to be refitted.

thanks for reading my rant, PackySavant

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