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Spinning the golf ball.

Hey guys! I'm new to this game and enjoy it very much. my question is ' how do you put spin on the golf ball? like backspin off an iron into a green? Ex: Alot of games use an icon of a ball that you manipulate to use spin. Like push up for topspin and down for backspin.

I notice that, while enhancing clubs, one of the effects deal with spin, but a player cant control that while playing a round off golf. actually no control.

Im curious if there is an in game way to manipulate spin???   HELP plz

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Hello Robert! Thank you for posting your concern to Perfect Swing - Golf's forum about activating backspin to your club. I want to inform you that the backspin is automatically applied to your club. This will effect by equipping backspin components to the desired club. Kindly refer to an example of backspin components below:

VVitalStrength + 20%4 Set
EEnergyStrength + 304 Set
CCenterAccuracy + 152 Set
FFocusAccuracy + 10%2 Set
SSwirlCurl + 20%4 Set
WWallBackspin + 10%2 Set
PProtectRecovery + 10%2 Set
RRevealPutt + 20%4 Set

This component gives you additional 10% Backspin if you equipped two (2) sets of this in your club. It means you need to use two (2) components that have (w) in them to activate the 10% Backspin. 

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