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Course Mastery

My player name is sidw and I am really bummed right now. I have three gold stars on all holes and tee boxes (white, blue, black), and after all that time grinding to get that, there’s no reward there. Thought I was working to do something cool there. Thought maybe it would give me a course membership to play the special tees or something like that, but no, quite literally nothing came from mastering Oak Hills. Kind of makes me want to step away from the game honestly. Hoping the team can build in some cool incentives to grind on career mode.

Hello, Sidney! We appreciate your feedback. We are also so sorry to hear we didn't meet your expectation. Rest assured that I'll let our developers know about your suggestion. Dedicated players indeed deserve more rewards. Feel free to contact us again if you have more creative ideas in mind. Have a nice day!

They're not going to let the developer team know anything, or if they do it won't really matter. We've all been making suggestions for years and in that time we've gotten Asan and B components, that's all. But honestly I think the issue here is with your expectation...what you get from completing all courses is the ability to farm them for components more easily and access to black tees (to farm THOSE components) when the black tees are available for a limited time. The game is what it is and they're not going to put any more effort into developing this game even if it meant more money for them. They're content with taking whatever money they get currently and will likely just shut it down when enough of the player base gets bored and leaves. It's a shame but that's what it is. If you expect anything more, you're going to be disappointed so all you can do is enjoy the game for what it is until you don't enjoy it anymore.
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