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Stale gameplay

I think I speak for the majority that changes need to be made to the game. So many hitters are growing frustrated and tired of nobody from the devs/support group taking anything serious or doing any sort of improvements to the game. I downloaded the app in January shortly after Asan was added, and have seen zero updates since. Here are some suggestions, besides the ones that have been posted on here in other topics: 1. New courses! I don’t think adding one new course that would be even tougher than Asan is needed. I would like to see an extra course that is around the same level as each of the existing courses. For instance, another easy course like oak hills, another medium like lesja, kahana, and yatani, and another hard course like eagle Glen and Asan. 2. A way to work towards a guaranteed club type. Like has been said in previous posts, having a set of boxes that can be worked towards to guarantee a meteor, or even a certain color prickle, would feel like an accomplishment. Grinding out perfect pass to open 5 mythic boxes full of white prickles with garbage fits is very frustrating. 3. Component power ups that “fail” need to go. I can’t express enough how frustrating it is to work to save up coins and waste it all for failures. I wouldn’t even care if you raised the amount needed to power up a comp; as long as the time spent was not wasted. 4. The option to re-fit a club. I would gladly save up coins, gems, blood of enemies, whatever to re-fit a club with good stats. 5. Smooth gameplay. I have my gameplay settings set on low and no screen refresh during shot. This is the only way I have found to get the least amount of glitched shots. Top tier games that have been out for longer than a year should have this issue resolved by now. 6. Match play. My opinion is should be bronze v bronze, silver v silver, etc. whether it’s tier 1 or tier 7. Others may have better suggestions than this. 7. Option to create tournaments on our own. I think it would be fun to be able to create a tournament on our own. Either invite only or open invite. Set up rules, durations, etc. 2 or 4 person scrambles would be awesome. Create it like match play where you have to “bet” a certain amount of coins to enter. Maybe create something like the clan coins and match coins to be able to buy boxes, outfits, power ups, etc. I can probably think of more as I go on. I would appreciate anyone else’s suggestions on improvement or even telling me my ideas are garbage would be fine too lol. Get it together devs! The majority wants a new challenge! Thanks for your time, Zach (ZC516)

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Thanks for your message Zach. Fully support your ideas. It has been at least three months since we have had a free component exchange. Why is that?

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Ya man thanks for the reply. I am just wanting to put it out there again hoping something will happen.

No response from the developers, I see. It looks like we are at a stage where they are just sitting back and raking in the coins from people buying the perfect pass every month. There have been no game updates in 11 months. Nobody on the development team takes in any feedback on the game. The way the game randomly dishes out clubs and fittings is a joke. I agree with all of your points Zach and would add another one. Take away the ridiculous putting guide lines, and replace them with lines that start at 5% of the total distance to the hole and go up to a maximum of 50% distance from the hole. The crazy long putter guide lines do not reward players who hit a great shot pin high, and then their opponent hits a shot to 13 yds from the pin but still has a tap-in because he has a 14-yard putt line, +8 forgiveness and a gauge speed of 50%. Let's add more skill to the art of putting.

I have to say. I have been playing this game for around 1.5 years and I think this is definitely my last. I am appalled that there were no gifts this year. Flat out offended. All the money we spend to keep this game afloat and since Mina is no longer in charge the customer relations n this game has gone the &g. You guys truly do not care about your players. No improvements to game in I don't know how long and the drop rates on Mets is next to nothing. I opened up over 1500 epics and got I think 2 prickles. Thanks for truly not caring about your customer base. For the record if you look at Gen chat I am not the only that feels this way. Merry Christmas Their response Thank you for contacting Perfect Swing - Golf's customer support. I am sad to hear about your disappointment because the game didn't release any events related to Christmas day. I also apologize for the frustration this has caused you and the problem you are experiencing with obtaining decent clubs from crafting. I want you to know that I hear your sentiments and how this affects you. Rest assured that I will raise your feedback to our management team to discuss this issue with them. We will also try our best to make it a more festive spirit for our players. Should we conduct events related to holiday seasons, we will post an announcement in-game or on any official site. We want to send our warm apologies once again for the inconvenience this has caused you. If you have more concerns, feel free to contact us again. We appreciate your continued support and understanding. May the holiday season bring you prosperity and good health! Mine The sad thing is that the amount of money that we all put in to this game and nothing in return . No update in this game since January 19 2022 Asan. Even after thousands of tickets sent to your management nothing new nor any recommendations to improve game and game play have been taken seriously. I know about 40 players are about to quit. It costs you nothing to send gifts to keep people here. It’s not real gems for gods sake. It’s something that we all look forward to; the cost to you is happiness of the players. That in my eyes is worth more than any revenue you receive weekly. If it wasn’t for us this game would not exist. Thank you for your response and we all hope we get something soon from “ management “ all we ask is to RESPECT. The players. Just curious … which company runs this game I think we would like to get ahold of you by telephone. The copy and paste emails aren’t working. “ so sorry for the inconvenience “ Their response Thank you for contacting Perfect Swing - Golf's Customer Support. I truly felt your sentiments about not receiving any gifts this holiday season. I appreciate you for sending this ticket. Rest assured that I will take note of your report and give the development team a heads-up about your feedback. Let us hope they consider adding holiday events that would benefit all players. Your continued love and support of the game are greatly appreciated. Feel free to submit another ticket should there be anything else. Stay safe! Sincerely, GM Nash The more comments here with my friend ZC the better. Thanks
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