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Enhancement Suggestion: Vanquisher Clubs

I am sure others will have different feelings regarding Vanquisher clubs, but here we go.

I believe the next update should include enhancements to the Vanquisher clubs. The original build clearly had Vanquisher clubs starting at 6* at the time of acquisition (currently 5*), as well as the code structure for the full set (driver/wood/iron/wedge/putter) as AI opponents in SS use these clubs regularly.

Request #1: Release Vanquisher Woods, Irons, and Wedges

  • The black look is cool
  • Easily implemented, as the coding is already there

Request #2: Align Vanquisher club stats with (at least) base Meteor club stats

  • The Vanquisher Driver is completely useless for any experienced player, with blue strength and blue accuracy being equivalent to a blue Prickle driver, and orange curl % being an added drawback of the base club
  • The Vanquisher Putter also has the equivalent stats to a blue Prickle putter
  1. Have Vanquisher Driver (available in Match Shop) base accuracy increased to PURPLE (from BLUE) to at least align with the white Meteor driver;


    Make it an upgrade from a white Meteor and increase strength to PURPLE (from BLUE) AND accuracy to ORANGE (from BLUE), making it equal strength and accuracy to a Purple Meteor, which is a very desirable driver, and also aligns with the Purple Prickle <--> White Meteor driver equivalence (strength and accuracy)
  2. Have Vanquisher Putter (available in Clan Shop) base putt stat increase to ORANGE (from PURPLE) to make it more desirable than current 
  3. Have the newly released (lol) Vanquisher Woods/Irons/Wedges follow suit and be upgrades from White Meteor base stats
  4. Release the entire Vanquisher club line in green/blue/purple/orange with increasing base club stats to align with the rest of the club types

Currently, the only reason that Vanquisher Drivers and Putters are pursued by high-level players are to obtain red fitting catalysts; but it is not guaranteed. It seems that Vanquisher clubs receive red club fittings more often than Meteors, but it is soul-crushing when one saves up Match/Clan coins for a MINIMUM of one month, only to open the box, fit the Vanquisher club, and NOT receive a red fitting. I know many players that have taken a long break or quit the game after saving up for that disappointment.

If all of the above suggestions are not feasible/attainable;
At very least, PLEASE adjust for the Vanquisher Driver and Putter to GUARANTEE a RED FITTING - the level of commitment and hours of gameplay required to obtain one of these clubs is far too high to award any less.

Thank you for your consideration in implementation of these Enhancement requests; I am fully confident that any/all of these suggestions, if implemented, would greatly increase player enjoyment an time spent on the app.


Brady Crabtree

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Hi Brady! I appreciate the time you committed to providing us with detailed suggestions. This information will be beneficial for us to be better. I assure you that I will let our developers know about the specific things we need to improve with Vanquisher clubs. Please do not hesitate to talk with us if you have more helpful ideas. Thank you for your sincere support, as always!


GM Nash

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Arch221 luvs this suggestion……

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