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Complaints and errors

Please fix the error with trying to contact the game administrators immediately, there is NO support what so ever in the game App itself..all your tags- Facebook Twitter instagram blah blah blah, THEY DONT WORK!!!! . ALSO PLEASE FIX ERROR WHEN PURCHASING ITEMS WITH REAL CURRENCY!!... When a player purchases an item, this item is expected to be accessible immediately not 1 hr not 2 has not 24 hrs later!! And NO CLOSING THE APP AND REOPENING THE APP DOESN'T WORK. Also when purchasing an item with real currency a player is NOT expected to be charged TWICE!. ALSO BRING YOUR PRICES DOWN THEY ARE SERIOUSLY OVER PRICED FOR SOMETHING THAT IS BASICALLY NON EXISTENT!! DONT BE SO FUCKING GREEDY!!

If a friend is playing the game how can I find him to play against Him ? Thanks …..

Hi Brian! We sincerely apologized for the frustrations this has caused you. I assure you that I'll send our developers a heads-up regarding your suggestions and investigate the issue you experienced with restoring purchases. We will also do our best to attend to your concerns through tickets as soon as possible. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Your understanding and continued support are highly appreciated.

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