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match play WHATS GOING ON

Someone needs to re tweet match competitions algorithm.  I am am a level 35  3 gold star rated player but over the the last few days i am being slaughtered by far better opponents with meteor clubs , red and white star players and I'm loosing coins every time i play. WAS on max 30 0n 2k games now down to 10!!!!!

I don't expect to win every game but over the last few days my opponents are just so much better i simply don't stand a chance.

Im stopping playing matches until its a more even contest.

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Hi Nick! I am very sorry to hear that this made you stop playing the match mode. I want to inform you that match tours are open to everyone. Still, I'll bring your concern to our developers to review your experience. I hope they consider making changes to the match-making system soon. Thank you for your understanding.

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