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Hello I am new to the perfect swing fourm the question I have is the triangles under the swing meter are for what?
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Hi Paul! Thank you for posting to Perfect Swing's forum. The triangles you noticed under the meter are the downhill/uphill elevation. 

1. Uphill and Downhill lie

- For uphill shots, balls tend to rise higher and the curve is left more than usual. The distance traveled may decrease depending on the type of club used. 

- For downhill shots, balls tend to rise to lower than usual and curve toward the right. The distance traveled may decrease depending on the trajectory of the club used. 

2.  Ball Below Feet and Ball Above Feet lie

- It might be hard to hit with the ball's location a little bit low. In this case, the ball is usually hit with a bit of a slice so it might be better to aim a bit left. 

- The ball's location is a bit high. Usually, the ball will hook from this position. I suggest aiming a little bit right.

You can also reset your tutorial from your profile > account settings > reset tutorial, as it can help you understand the game further.

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