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Looking for players!

We're a chill bunch of people that have played in some of the top clans and most of us have been together anywhere from a year to 2+ years. We're holding strong in the Top 10 with the active players we have but we're looking to move up more! We have anywhere from 3-7 spots open for daily players that are seasoned or willing to learn and can score at least 100k. We're flexible and if you're not shooting 100k we can still talk and maybe it'll work! We'll get you to shoot 120+ if you're willing! It doesn't happen over night, just like finding the right comps or getting sick clubs! We can help with clubs, comps and shots! Give us a shot and you won't be disappointed! If you have a clan that has 7 or less players give me a shout maybe we can bring you all along!


Daily Player & Discord

Contact me on Discord:


TalkBirdieToMe wants you!

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