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Player levels

I often get a message after a game LEVEL UP. I think it's to do with my LV rating that was 32 and is now 33. What benefits if any are there to me of being a higher level?

Hi Nickferris58! Thank you for posting your concerns regarding the benefits once you level up. Each level-up adds 1+ to your maxed career stamina. The final maxed career stamina is 60 once you level up to Level 50. 

So I’m at Level 50, which is the max, but a Silver Star. How does a player move into high star level from this point.

Hello, Paul! I appreciate you for joining this discussion. In order to level up your match tier, you must play matches and get into the top 20 in your league until the end of the week. For more details, kindly visit the link below:

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