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Suggestion: Loyalty Rewards

I would like to suggest that some sort of loyalty reward be implemented so that every X number of Normal clubs you craft gives you 20 Epic boxes.  Every X number of Epic clubs you craft gives you 20 Mythic boxes.  Every X number of Mythic clubs you craft gives you a Meteor club.  This would give people a clear path to better clubs rather than it being a complete roll of the dice every single time.  It would also protect people with bad luck from crafting more than 20 clubs in a row and not getting lightening.

For example, if every 20 Epic clubs I crafted I was granted 20 Mythic boxes I would be guaranteed a Prickle with every 400 Epic boxes used.  Rather than sometimes having to open 25-30 or even more before ever getting a prickle from an Epic craft.

I think the biggest advantage to this for most people, especially newer players, is that they will have a clear path in front of them for how to get a Meteor club.  And for those players who have been playing a long time, like myself, it gives them a way to work towards and farm for Meteors to replace the ones they currently have.  I, personally, have not pulled a usable club in well over a year and good components are equally as difficult to come by so I have essentially not improved my bag in that time.  It makes the game very frustrating in the later stages.  

Lastly, the complete roll of the dice that is crafting clubs currently totally deters people from spending real money on boxes when they may actually be paying for nothing.  If they knew that buying enough Epic boxes with real money would at least guarantee them a meteor club I think people would be more inclined to spend real money on the game.


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This is an amazing suggestion, SK!

I wholeheartedly agree with how you laid this out; PSG would not be out any $$ (in fact, likely increasing cash spent), and players could actually work toward goals, rather than relying on complete chance for every club craft.

I would also add that a "refit" option for clubs in inventory is, in my opinion, a necessity at this point. Charging a certain amount of crystals for this feature seems to be a fair way to implement.


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