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Blue boxes

I have opened about 60 blue boxes over the last few days and the best I’ve had are 3 four star clubs, all the rest were 3 star! What a joke!!! How do all these people get gold clubs? Do you only get them if you pay money for them?

Not necessarily; the below #’s are unconfirmed by Perfect Sw1ng, but in the sample data that I’ve collected, the odds for Epic (“blue”) boxes are: ~91% Vixen (3-star) ~8% Prickle (4-star) ~1% Meteor (gold)/Vanquisher (black) From those probabilities, odds are deduced even further by color (white ranking lowest, followed by green, blue, purple, then orange ranking highest); furthermore deduced by the all-important fittings, which can make or break a club as to it’s true value in your bag. Good luck, sir - it’s a grind! -Brady

I can confirm pretty closely with Brady those odds for Epic openings.  I've kept track of the last 400 Epic openings I've done and my numbers are about 89.5% Vixen, 10.25% Prickle, and 0.25% Meteor.  That is 1 meteor in my last 400 Epic openings.

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