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B components in Asan

Can the mods or anyone explain the strength capabilities of the B components you get in Asan course? I tried searching this forum site but no info yet. Thanks

Hello! I understand that you wish to know more about the Bolt components from the Asan course. I am here to explain to you this matter. The bolt component will give you an additional stat of +7 ball speed. An example of this is you can use B components (4 sets) instead of strength components which can make your clubs not balanced with Accuracy due to their overpowered strength stats. 

To further help you since club manager will NOT show the correct distance of the club when (4) B components are equipped.......the yds i list is not exact but very close remember this is addition to club manager: Driver +22yds Wood +25yds Iron +26yds Wedge +28yds
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