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Milwaukee Golf Clan - Looking for Dedicated Players for 2022 and beyond!

Hi, My online handle is LuckyDave and I am currently the leader of the Milwaukee Golf Clan.  We are looking for new recruits who will be dedicated to playing consistently with us.   really  looking for level 35+ players, but if you are a little lower, we probably will still give you a chance. Honestly,   It is hard for lower level players to play without getting discouraged on the clan courses played from the yellow tees. 

We are a friendly, easygoing group of people and like to answer players questions and help them get to be strong players, in the clan chat section.   When you join a clan you should join because you want to play the game with us every day.   We only win as a team when most of our clan plays.   You don’t always have to play great, but please be willing to play both clan games all week as much as possible.  Of course, you can always tell us via the clan chat if you won’t be able to play for a while.   Life happens!

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