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Support or Lack thereof

The definition of SUPPORT is to "give assistance to or provide material assistance"

I have been playing the game for 19 months & I have never had a materially positive response from PS support or received any of the promised feedback. Everything seems to be passed to the black hole that is the "relevant team"

I have got to the stage where I have told them that due to their totally negative responses, I see no point in wasting my time contacting them, as the answer to every question or complaint is no. I have decided it is less painful to hit my head against a wall & I know many others feel the same.

Empathy & Sympathy are all well & good, but when there is a problem, positive action would be more welcome & that never happens

Even when it is  subsequently proved that they were at fault, their initial response is always to blame the player. 

Even if the game is not at fault, they are in a customer service industry. If a player feels hard done by in a situation, in many cases it would be more customer focused to say, we understand why your frustrated, we will do this for you but beware not to create the is issue again. Player goes away happy & support have said that they won't back down a 2nd time. This never happens, the answer is just no.

I gave them 70+ suggestions as to how I felt the game could be improved, not 1 has been implemented & after almost 6 months, still absolutely no feedback

I run a new clan and we have played 63 non competitive matches, where 80% of the opposition haven't posted any score. So far we have risen to 3 Bronze Stars & it now takes 7 months for a new clan to reach top 100. I asked support to close or restrict non active clans from entering the clan league. Total refusal to do anything, stating that a clan has the right to enter the clan league & not play if they chose to. I gave them a suggestion as to how to avoid non active clans entering the clan league or forcing them to play regularly, with no positive response. It's in the black hole that is the "relevant team"

I gave them a list of 100+ totally dormant clans, where every player in those clans had not logged in for a minimum of 10 days & some as long as 380 days. This meets supports criteria for closing the clans.  I checked 3 of those I sent to support & they are all still open.

I asked Support it they had ever given a positive response, if they had every implemented any player suggestion & if the "relevant team" has ever provided the promised feedback or if they have even replied to a player. They avoided answering the questions.

Anyone who wants to get back to me, I have 4 questions:-

1 - Has anyone ever had a positive response from support where they admitted a fault & sorted the issue?

2 - Has anyone ever had any suggestion implemented?

3 - After being promised feedback, has anyone every actually had it?

4 - Has anyone ever had any contact with or feedback from "The Relevant Team"? 


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