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Numbers on the display

 Can you please explain the meaning of the numbers on the display?

Hello Ray. Thank you for posting to Perfect Swing - Golf's forum site. I hope you have a wonderful day! Would you be so kind to tell us where are the numbers specifically displayed? Feel free to attach screenshots too for us to understand your concern better and assist you properly. 


 Hello, I mean the blue number in the middle and the two at the bottom right (slope of the terrain?).
What do the numbers say, and how can I use them for my stroke?
Another suggestion ...
Maybe you can add a second golf bag. So you would have one for the clubs that are in development and one for the finished ones.

Best regards

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Hi Ray! Thank you for getting back to us again. I would like to inform you that the blue number you are referring to is called the club's standard range. It describes the distance the ball will travel on flat ground with no wind. So, if you aim at 184.2 m, you'll have at least a 2.4 m standard range. Please be reminded that you can always reset your Tutorial mode in your Account to help you more with in-game technicalities. For your suggestion, rest assured that I will bring this up to the developers for consideration. Have a great day!

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