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Seeking Members!!!

Vinces Playhouse clan, looking to add active, yet still casual, players! We are right around 100th place in the rankings with only 8 members. Have fun, hang out with great peeps, and let's play some golf! Join us, no matter what level you are currently!

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Hi Christopher, I’m in a clan of 6 playing at a similar level & we’ve found it impossible to get new members. Can’t get much further with only 6.!! I believe there’s an option to merge clans, if you think that would b a good idea?

Let me know and I’ll find out what the other guys think

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Ash! We just started over as Fairway 2 Heaven! I know when we last talked about merging, the other group had issues with our top guy still having a crown. I'm sure our guys will be all for merging, but since qe JUST started a new one, they'll probably want you guys to come to us. We also just got a couple newbies who joined. Y'all are MORE than welcome, we'll do some damage combined, cause we'd be at 15 members!! Friend me on the game (tag is "Feury") and I'll get you hooked up with our leaders and we can see what happens.

Hi Chris, there’s some interest from our guys. Been looking round the forum to see how it works but can’t find any info? Do we simply just join your clan, or is there a “merge function”? Are you guys UK based, if that makes any difference?

No merge function no, it would be you guys just leave yours and joun ours, yeah. We are USA based, but really we just want a group of people to play with. Everyone is easy going, and wants to chill. We welcome any and all!

Hi Chris, our team is “Dorset surrey” & my tag is GasBoy. We’re currently on 5,379 points. I’m just waiting to hear from the other guys to see if they’re all happy with this idea. I don’t think we’re precious about who has the crown, but would it not be better for you guys to join us, considering the points? I know someone will ask…

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Ash, I see you're still not yet merged with another clan. How do you guys fancy coming along to a top 15 clan, GOLDEN EAGLES? We're looking for another 6 or 7 members to take us up to 30 and climb back into the top ten. We have discord, one to one mentoring and advice if anyone needs it, and we're a chilled bunch. We need players who will play all of their clan games though. Obviously, if you have to miss the occasional one, it is not an issue. all we ask is that you let us know if you're unavailable. Let me know!

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Guy, I’ll ask the guys & let you know

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Cheers Ash, it would be a really good fit. Let me know if you'd like a chat on discord and I'll send you our group link.

Hi Guy, the boys have come back & it’s 50/50 whether to battle on or jump ship. We’ve decided that as we’ve got this far with only 6, or now 7 players, we’re gonna battle on & see how far we can go.
Cheers for the contact & good luck.

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