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Gameplay Suggestion

I was hoping to make a gameplay suggestion or two. 1. I’d really like to see more 300-325 yard par 3s in clan play. I know us veterans as well as the people leveling up enjoy the challenge of trying to hit max power on our woods each round. I for one enjoy ruining each round so much, I’d like and I’m sure others like myself also want to see more of it. 2. I really enjoy the par 3s where the pin is located behind trees that you cannot hit over with a large bunker in front. Can we please have more of those as well? 3. Last but not least, can you decrease the odds of getting decent components from .000001% to 0.000000%? The hope of getting a new component to use every 6 months is rather draining. If we could officially get rid of the hope it would be a more enjoyable experience. Cheers!
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Hahahahaha nice one Bope 

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