The Perfect Putt Video Sharing Hashtag Giveaway!

Event Duration: From now until 7/13 midnight PST

Gift Delivery: 7/15 PM

UPDATE - Gifts have been sent out, however some entries did not include their name in the video because it was cut off by instagram. Please send a help ticket with a link to your post and your username to claim your prize  


Step 1.

 Shoot a perfect shot with the putter!

Step 2.

 Upload the replay video to your personal Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #PerfectSwingGolf.

Step 3.

 After the event ends, claim your 50 Blazefury Balls and 50 Epic Club Boxes from your mailbox, all who participated in the event will be given this reward.

 2,000 Crystals and 20 Mythic Club Boxes will be awarded additionally to the 5 players who sunk the longest putt + 5  randomly selected by the team.


 - It doesn't have to be a perfect shot. If it's a great putting shot video, you'll pass!

 - After the event is over, make sure your post is set to public so that we can find it!

 - The name of the character will be confirmed through the video, so it is necessary to use the in-game replay sharing function from the archive. The character name must be included in the video uploaded.

 - You do NOT need to send a help ticket or reply here after uploading! When uploading a video, you only need to have the text #PerfectSwingGolf in it to qualify.

Have a perfect day!

-Team PSG

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