Perfect Swing - Golf Anniversary Celebration Forum Event.

Help us Celebrate our first anniversary! Thank you so much to everyone who has played the game, we want to provide the forum users with some special rewards for your participation.

When: Entries must be posted Between 5/6/2021 and 5/16/21.  

How To Enter: Reply to this thread with your username and a Poem about Perfect Swing - Golf with lines that start with each one of the letters: PSG.

Rewards: All participators will receive a prize. 10 entries will be chosen by GM Mina as winners to receive $100 worth of in-game prizes chosen by the admin.  Rewards will be sent by 5/19/21. 

Here is an example:
Username: Mina

Purpose in life, solved.

Sand wedge must be evolved.

Give me more of that Perfect Swing - Golf!

Lets have some fun! 

PROTRIPS:   It doesn't have to rhyme, and don't worry about the formatting. 


Thank you to all who participated! Everyone got 100 Tomahawk balls. The winners got a Club Pack 4!

Here are the 10 Winners:











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Username: Dismall

Practice hard and learn to play

Shoot and chip and putt all day

Great results will come your way

Username : zitoune69 Perfect is pertectswing Swing and play on perfectswing Great and enjoy perfectswing
유저이름,;울프백 1주년을 진심으로 축하드려요 P:퍼백트게임 좋아요 S:스윙도 실전처럼 G:굳굳입니다
Sax PS, hit it perfect or your ball will be with the fishes PS, they have Mina who listens to our wishes PS, when I can’t play you are the one I misses
BETTATHANHER — user name Perfect Swing Golf sucked me in at first sight. Swing like a mobile golf pro before ya know. Get that perfect pass to advance quickly tho. $$ Thank you. Betta
Username: KBeef Practicing pixel perfect putts Swinging sweet strokes with sticks Glorious golfing game of the Gods
Tittyking Progress may be slow Sticktoitiveness is the key Grow in time with friends
User Name: blaquengold Perhaps I spend too much time playing Perfect Swing. Surely it’s better than paying $500 for a new Ping. Grabbing my phone anytime and playing is a heckuva thing.