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Clan Round Conditions

Hello again, 

As with all challenging aspects of the game, clan rounds are the central drive for the game’s competitive core. It follows that pin placement and wind conditions would be more challenging to ensure that there is distance between those that know the game well and those that do not. 

However, the majority of conditions seem to follow a pattern, either it’s a good average round of hard conditions, or it’s insanely hard (I.e. front pins, headwinds in excess of 8.5 mph, which takes off over 90 yrds from a driver on a 300+ yard hole, and for some middle-game players can be an extra shot per hole). 

Can there not be some variability (winds less than gale force, and mid-green pins on occasion). I can already hear you saying that conditions are randomized, but that doesn’t explain why conditions at every SS or clan round need to be so extreme; winds over 7mph and impossible to hole pins placements. Today’s Kahana round is a great example. Front pins quite literally 3 yrds into the front edge of the green meaning a player has to be able to hit a 1-2 yrd strip of land right in front of the green and bounce on, risking hitting pin-high and flying 15 yrds past the hole, which happens a lot. This is compounded by the 60-80 chip glitch from my previous post you still have yet to comment on, in which shot predictability is suspect. 

Either make the game’s shot algorithms more stable, or adjust the conditions to be more human-friendly. This game is enjoyed by casual players who don’t dedicate the vast majority of their time and most of their paychecks to your cause, nor do they need to. It should not be a gauntlet to play every clan round. 



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Another case in point. Shot should have landed close to 88 yrds, actually lands  6 yrds further at 94 yrds, with no explanation. Please fix this. 

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