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Multiple clubs or club sets

Anyone know if it is possible to have multiple clubs or club sets? For example: have 2 drivers to choose from (not equipped at the same time). One might be better to use for longer courses fitted with the appropriate add-ons and another for wind. It would be a nice feature to have course selectable club options.

Yes you can and have can have many more than 2. Just equip whatever one you want before playing. I used to do what you are talking about for awhile but with woods until I leveled my irons to 6*. However if what you are thinking of as in being able to choose a different driver per hole while playing a career mode, SS that can't be done.

Patboth, you cannot have different sets that are selectable.  You would have to manually change your clubs and components before playing the course.  A feature like you are wondering about would be nice to have though!

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