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Shot Predictability


You’re constantly asking for us to prove our frustrations with the game’s inconsistencies. I cannot tell you how many of these I could present to you, as there are many instances like this one. Harking back to the previous post about shots between 20-100 yards, this video is another example of those inconsistencies. 

My math in the game is close. Not perfect, but close enough that I’ve been pretty consistent. So, when stuff like this happens, it makes me question the game’s indicators (wind, lie, etc.). 

For this shot, wind is sideways, which doesn’t add or subtract distance. 2 degree downward lie may add a little less than two yards to the shot, based on distance. So, I placed the marker just shy of the green, in the rough past the water, and prayed to the Gods. I was surprised, to say the least, that rather than the shot landing at 84 yards, it flew to 92 yards. What kind of trigonometry explains this? Again, this is not a rare occurrence. Please, explain how this happens. Because the rest of us, and there are a ton, do not get how this happens in a real golf simulator. 

Frustrated, as always, but hopeful,



Another very good example of what is wrong with shots of this distance.  I can't wait to hear Mina's explanation.

Below is another example of me on Oak Hill showing that even the game is predicting my shot up hill into the wind will fly further than my target yardage.  As you can see the yellow line is shown further than the blue target marker.  Realistic?  I think not!


That’s the (bug,glitch) unique to meteor wedges Murph.  For some odd reason, that game devs will not share with us, meteors hit from fairways travel 5 yds further.  As to why I haven’t the slightest....but if I go load up a orange trainer wedge it disappears and plays normally.  I even notice meteors go bit farther with chips and pitches close to green.  Just don’t get how there can be no explanation with such an obvious flaw.  If only trainers could go to level 50 to make up for lack of distance would have those equipped all the time and be done with bugs like these myself.

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Just in case it still gets me as well too sometimes....


Joe, I don't think it's just with Meteors.  I think it has to do with how far the wedge carries.  My meteor wedges carry 148 and the issue is 60-100 yard shots.  I hopped on Oak Hill white tees, so I could see the yellow line showing me exactly how far my ball will fly, with trainers that carry 101 and from about 40-80 it clearly thought my ball was going to fly much further than it should have. 

You should try this.  Pull up Oak Hill white tees so you can see the yellow line and just grab your SW and move it outwards.  You'll see it hits a point where the yellow line starts to move way further out from that blue spinning target marker.  And then eventually starts to move back in to where it should be.  Even the game knows it's going to go further than it should.

Well I did like you said with both my meteor and orange trainer.  There is no comparison, trainer line went further than aim not even a yard and meteor line went further probably 5yds maybe few more.  That’s where the 5yds comes from when hitting that range.  That’s the adjustment for meteors.  I’ve been leveling up a whole set of orange/purple trainers play everyday with them and the wedge if it does have same problem it is very small in comparison.  Here are two pics to elevated green #14 you can see how much difference between the two.  

Here is what I was talking about.  One image with my meteor wedge, one with my trainer wedge.  Both are obviously going to fly too far considering the elevation and slope.  I do agree though, Joe, that with meteors it is more extreme than with trainers.

(269 KB)
(266 KB)
You are correct Sour....does happen with both clubs but trainers pale in comparison to the meteors. As you have shown the system is doing what it is coded to do with these shots, it's not a bug. All we can do is be aware and make adjustments to our normal calculations to compensate. I have been doing for that pesky distance range, no wind, full elevation for front and middle pins but -5yds for back pins. Probably wondering why back pins well I actually caught a good screenshot displaying this problem. First one 50yd guide at hole aim 6yd further like it should be because of elevation. Second pic aim is now 68yd and aim & guideline practically same distance now so if you adjust for elevation on back pin your going over. Adjustment minus 5yds and should be close....

Spot-on, gents

And as you can see by the non-response, the devs care about as much as the Golf Star devs. Not surprised. 

What is crazy is this just a small sampling of issues I have with game.  Match mode makes me just want to walk away with how inconsistent shots are.  I don’t record matches, maybe I should, but I just don’t understand if a opponents shot is with a 8-iron 115mph ball speed and I hit 9-iron 115mph ball speed how in the world do I LAND 12yds shorter?  This is on playoff hole of course.  I have asked before but never had a response, wanting to know where needle results & shot results are being generated from.  Was clear that not asking for specifics but are they, local, server side or what because the huge variations are giving me whiplash would like to know what I need to look in to diagnose what the problem is, (device or network)?

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