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Anyone got about half a decent clan and interested in merging with a similar clan?

Hi Dee, Are you still looking to merge?

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Hi Jim. Yes, we are still interested. What is your clan name and approximately how mammy active players do you have. We are Targett Clan
Yes. This board is confusing. I sent a reply but don't see it.
We have 21 players, we are ranked around Sask Rough Riders 40. If we could pull together 30 active players, it would be good. How is your clan looking?
We have a similar number but I would need to poll them to get an exact number. We were ranked around 40th but have slipped. We are fairly casual but have a solid cord of improving players.
I asked the leader if the clan to talk to you here. It sounds like both teams about 40-45 semi active players. We could make 1 100% active clan and 1 good clan, but who and how is a little difficult.

Yes, there are things to be worked out. We have a core group of 15 to 20 that participate in pretty much every event. Perhaps the best way to get to know us is to have a few of your members visit us next week and spend a day or two. We have members from many different time zones so you might want to stay awhile to get a picture of how we roll.

My leader doesn’t want me to cut anyone. It looks like we are both to big to merge right now. Let’s see what happens in the future

Ok, Jim. Lets see what happens.

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