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Trainer Clubs

Are Trainer Clubs useful mid and late game? I have a Legendary Trainer Driver and its accuracy seems super high. I realize I can't add fittings, but its has better accuracy than my Vixen (Blue) driver of the same level. 

Well Jim I am currently leveling up  full set of trainers purple driver & wood, orange iron, wedge & putter.  Just doing out of just something to do at first but now I have some actual interest.  Don’t know if you have experience with orange trainers but they are addicting, just plain vanilla clubs, no fittings, no wedge distance glitches (meteors) and super low shot gauge so highly accurate shots and hitting out rough is no problem.  That being said purples and oranges are only ones I would attempt to use and I really wouldn’t mess with a driver or putter.  Driver is white str so will never get really long and putter guide will probably be white, maybe green so not very long putt guide.  However wood, iron and wedge you might wanna give it a try.  They will surprise you to say the least and can probably make your self a nice set for specific match mode tour or courses.  Like I said mine are still work in progress all at 4* not maxed but can play t1-t3 no problem...t4 lack of distance off tee starts to become a problem on some holes....

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Great feedback. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything so thoroughly.
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