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Please Help an Old Man

I am old & not very bright & I get confused easily, so I seek your help.

English is my first language, but I do get confused by big words. Can someone please explain the definition of the word "Random".

I asked Alexa & she said "occurring without uniformity" but I questioned her because that can't be right, I pleaded with her that there must be another definition but she is sure that there isn't.

I turn to you for help to ease my confusion. The word random must have another meaning or Alexa needs to be put out to pasture.

My confusion over the word "random" is caused by it's use in relation to Meteor clubs drops in game.  I have received from Epic Boxes 34, 3*  Vixens in a row, but two very fortunate South Korean players got 5 Meteors in a row & 3 Meteors in a row respectively. Hence why I questioned Alexa's definition of random as occurring without uniformity.

I did ask the very nice lady in support & she said don't worry everything is fine, but I do like to understand what words mean, so, please help so I can tell Alexa there is another explanation & get her reprogrammed.

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Thanks Joe really helpful & informative comments. Much appreciated. I have 309/92 atm. Support - take a leaf
131 rubbish clubs in a row now including 11 three star Vixens from Crystal Craft. It is now a total joke. Support, you win, I give up, I will play with what I have, I am not wasting time or coins buying anymore boxes. It is ridiculous it is not any version of the word random. 43 four star clubs & nothing to evolve.

@DiddyDave - really enjoyed reading about your frustrations on the (lack of) randomness when crafting clubs.  I too cannot fathom it out as I struggle to get anything better than a vixen.  Good luck with your quest.

DiddyDave great post and question. I too am perplexed by what “random” means. I’m not really sure perfect swing understands the definition. It seems getting meteors is much more due to timing than anything. I personally also believe they categorize players as to what they will receive in order to spur spending. I received $200 in free gems and used them all to buy epic boxes and got 1 meteors which was unusable. This confirmed that I will never spend real money.

Daddy, so many good players have been asking Mina the same question only to find the same default response from Mina. She’s fairly dismissive because people will pay real money to overcome the frustrations of box pulls, etc. It’s a great financial incentive that they bank on. On a related note, my clan mates and I have tirelessly sought after some transparency on the box pull odds, to which Mina has been dismissive. Apparently there are no odds for random pulls, which I find odd, since there are algorithms governing every part of this game. There are also no top views or flyovers for any of the courses, leaving the players to do their own ‘homework’, nor are there green slope guides unless you are on the green, or fringe, making chips impossible to read. 

As my buddy King stated earlier, we all just push forward hoping that a nugget will Grace us as much as they do other players (you mentioned earlier) who pay hundreds to open 100 or more boxes at one time. 

Otherwise, as Joe mentioned, we play with what we have and look for great comps (which are also randomly assigned

There is potential in ‘basic’ clubs, with the right comp combinations, but it takes time and lots of patience with Mina’s random generating system. 

Best of luck, mate. See you on the green

Well unfortunately my very first post in this thread never made it for some reason.  I have asked this question many times to support with not much response.  One agent was a little more forthcoming and informed me that they are not able to divulge any odds, etc...What random means here IMO is they take a bucket fill it with about 85% vixens, throw in 10% prickles and top it off with 5% meteors...shake it up and there you go “random” but of unequal portions....

This is Kirkness by the way. Non meteor pulls is now 331 box sets in a row, including 4 sets of Mythic. I have stopped buying boxes. GM Mina has promised me a reply from the "relevant team" I wait in hope of an answer. With the current distribution of clubs, the game is unfair & unbalanced. When I hear players hitting -20+ in the clan league, I think why do I bother. If I hit my best round my Driver restricts to -14 so I can't compete. Support indicated maybe I wasn't putting in as much effort in getting a Meteor drop. So this month I bought an Epic Driver pack & a perfect pass. From these 2, no meteors no usable clubs. When someone else in global got 3 meteors just from 1 perfect pass. The game has shot itself in the foot, because with the previous results, I see no point in spending real cash again. I got so bored with my Driver, I have evolved a 6* Trainer, so far, my best is 405.5 yards, so if Meteor Drops ever do become fair, I think my set up is ok.. I put in a list of 26 suggestions to improve the game & I have been promised feedback. One suggestion was each player is only allowed to fit 1 Meteor at anytime. Hopefully that would make the game more about skill than a lucky drop. I don't mind losing as long as I am playing on an even playing field.

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Great comment from Kirkness. Trying to compete by overpowering in clan at the higher levels is hopeless. Some of us, no matter how many boxes we open or buy, have and will get nothing. I’d advise people to NOT play this game unless they plan on spending thousands of dollars to try to compete. Let’s get the word out about this broken game.
A lot of us posting here have been involved with this game, invested a lot of time and sometimes money, to try and compete with other players and teams. I know all about good luck and bad, I've been here long enough and seen enough good people come and go to see the damage it can do when the luck is never imposed upon you yourself or your friends, but yet we have to witness on a regular basis lots of other people, whether they played for 1 day or 1 week pulling the really good clubs out of boxes. That's what irks me most about it.. long term players should be rewarded more often. I mean, when you hear of people hitting 18k clan rounds it kinda puts the whole luck thing into real perspective.

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It’s nice to see I’m not alone or crazy in acknowledging  this very issue. I’m not sure what is more demoralizing, never pulling a decent Driver, etc. or the fact that those “lucky/random” players who have pulled nice clubs have absolutely no empathy for us unfortunate ones. I’ve been playing about 9 months and the game is becoming boring due to being stuck in the same place for a good while now. Also, thinking you worked your way to some tiny improvement only to find it was a lateral move at best and sometimes it feels like my previous setup was better. I’m really getting to the point of moving on to time better spent. 

I wholeheartedly agree. I am 15 months in and it is loyalty to my clan that keeps me going. I wont go on any further today…

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