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Please Help an Old Man

I am old & not very bright & I get confused easily, so I seek your help.

English is my first language, but I do get confused by big words. Can someone please explain the definition of the word "Random".

I asked Alexa & she said "occurring without uniformity" but I questioned her because that can't be right, I pleaded with her that there must be another definition but she is sure that there isn't.

I turn to you for help to ease my confusion. The word random must have another meaning or Alexa needs to be put out to pasture.

My confusion over the word "random" is caused by it's use in relation to Meteor clubs drops in game.  I have received from Epic Boxes 34, 3*  Vixens in a row, but two very fortunate South Korean players got 5 Meteors in a row & 3 Meteors in a row respectively. Hence why I questioned Alexa's definition of random as occurring without uniformity.

I did ask the very nice lady in support & she said don't worry everything is fine, but I do like to understand what words mean, so, please help so I can tell Alexa there is another explanation & get her reprogrammed.

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Alexa, if I pull 54 three star clubs in a row & 2 other players get 5 meteors 3 meteors in a row, what are the odds on that being "random" Alexa says the odds against that occuring randomly are 810 to 1

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Should I change my name to Charlie Brown from the Peanuts cartoon. Epic boxes! I keep doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different outcome, buy Lucy keeps moving the Meteor to another Country.

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69 3* Vixens on a row & the definition of random is "without uniformity"? At what level does PS have to stop saying drops are Random?

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Hi Diddydave101! Thank you very much for posting your concern here at Forums. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and for the confusion about our random drops from crafting club Boxes. We can say, Alexa is right, however, the situation you have experienced from crafting club boxes can be told as random. You will be receiving a Club that has a star rating of either 3-stars, 4-stars, or 5-stars (which is a Meteor Club). Any of these can be obtained anytime and anyhow many times you craft club boxes. Please also be informed that there is no specific level of a player to avoid or stop the Random drops. 

If you have more concerns, feel free to reply to this thread or send us a new ticket so we can assist you properly. Send ticket here:

Thank you for your reply. I have now received 69 3* Vixens in a row, 2 other player received 5 & 3 Meteors in a row respectively. The odds of that happening randomly are 1035 to 1 again. Please explain how that fits into any definition of the word random?

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I have already raised this, by way of a support ticket which you closed after your 1st reply without finding if I was happy with the reply.

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My overall point is, I want the game to be fair & that there is a fair distribution of clubs.

All players of the same level should have access to the same quality of clubs. At present, many of the top players are there through the pure luck of pulling a good Driver, although I accept some are there through skill as well.

In 11 months of playing, the best strength Driver I have been offered through any forum is Green. Having checked the top clan, 24 members from 30 have Blue or better strength on their Drivers, so as they can drive many of the Par 4s & even 5s, how do I compete, when I am at a 1 shot disadvantage on every par 4/5 they can Drive that I can't?

I am level 50, my Driver has the best set up I can put on it & without sending my gauge mental, there is no room to increase distance further, so how do I compete with someone who had the pure luck to pull a better Driver than me.

A case in point, todays tournament, 1 player in the group has the Driver to be able to drive the par 4s, when no one else in the group does. Unless that player is useless, the rest of us are fighting for 2nd, again because of the pure luck of him/her having pulled a better club.

I run a clan & I help most of our players with set ups & many of the people I help have better Drivers than me after 11 months, when they are just starting. I accepted 2 South Korean players to the clan, level 11 & 15, both had Purple Meteors & no idea how to set them up. I am helping players set up clubs, that when fully levelled & evolved, will hit 20 30 40 yards further than I can, how is that fair?

So my overall question is, will you be making the distribution of similar standard clubs to all players of the same level fairer or will it remain pure luck, if you can improve & compete  on an even playing field with the similar standard clubs?

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Alexa, support said I could raise any further concerns here, can you tell me why they didn't reply? Alexa's reply "sorry Idon't know that one" 91 totally useless clubs from the last 91 boxes including a 4* from 4/5* box having saved for 2 months. I have evolved all the 3* & I now have 27, 4*. I will limit it to 1 easy question this time. As you won't give me the same opportunity as others to get a better Driver that will enable me to compete on an even footing. How do I progress in the game?
You do what all of us 'unlucky' folks do in the same boat.. try again tomorrow
KD, I wait patiently, but I frustrated by how much of this game is down to pure luck. In real life, if Rory McIlroy and I go onto a golf shop, we both have the opportunity to buy the same golf clubs. He will then beat me because he is better. No luck, his skill. But in this game it is the equivalent of us going into the shop, him coming out with a Gold plated super Driver & me coming out with a piece of 2 by 4. My question remains why is distribution of quality clubs down to pure luck meaning that players of the same level can't compete on an even playing. I am not asking for the world, just asking the game to be made fair. It's not difficult, you just put meteors in the shop, make them mind numbingly expensive. It gives players something to save for, makes the game fair. It would mean players would play more to get coins to save for them & many would spend more money. I see that as a win win win situation.
Your concerns are shared by many of us I'm sure. The luck and chance aspect while absolutely sucks.. is also kinda what keeps us all playing.. for that chance that the next box has that beast you need inside.
103 useless rubbish in a row, I now have evolved 39 4* clubs with 3*s from boxes I have just dropped 200k on 2 matchplay. Both purely because the opposition can drive the 2 par 4s & I can't. Both of them Eagled the par 4's & I can't so it's a pointless contest. Does PS want me as a level 50 to play 1k matches where I can Drive par 4s but would ruin the game for noobs? KD you don't need a better Driver my friend you beat me every time with your current one
The top 15 in the 1 Gold Star Matchplay list today all have Meteors with Blue strength or better. I can't compete with someone who can outdrive me by 40 yards. Where is the even playing field? Support - You asked me to post my concerns here, I have done so & you have not replied, very Disappointed.
I can relate to your frustrations...up until maybe 3 weeks ago I had never been given a blue strength or better driver. That being said I haven't done a single thing with it because I already had a better alternative, a green prickle driver. Reason why is this one has dual limitless fittings and with it being grn str & orang acc it is equivalent to blue str but far more accuracy. So make sure and see what enhancements are on all drivers, especially prickles! Who knows you might even get a limitless + forgiveness then you are good to go don't need to worry about anything but getting components. Just for some data on my green prickle it's dual limitless (orange/green) so it's level 40+6....with a change of just one component I can have it set for either distance or accuracy...I know it's not the best but gets me by and I can keep up with most players as far as distance....2 settings are (dist/gauge) 323/99 or 337/124.....good luck
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