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Please Help an Old Man

I am old & not very bright & I get confused easily, so I seek your help.

English is my first language, but I do get confused by big words. Can someone please explain the definition of the word "Random".

I asked Alexa & she said "occurring without uniformity" but I questioned her because that can't be right, I pleaded with her that there must be another definition but she is sure that there isn't.

I turn to you for help to ease my confusion. The word random must have another meaning or Alexa needs to be put out to pasture.

My confusion over the word "random" is caused by it's use in relation to Meteor clubs drops in game.  I have received from Epic Boxes 34, 3*  Vixens in a row, but two very fortunate South Korean players got 5 Meteors in a row & 3 Meteors in a row respectively. Hence why I questioned Alexa's definition of random as occurring without uniformity.

I did ask the very nice lady in support & she said don't worry everything is fine, but I do like to understand what words mean, so, please help so I can tell Alexa there is another explanation & get her reprogrammed.

Alexa, if I pull 54 three star clubs in a row & 2 other players get 5 meteors 3 meteors in a row, what are the odds on that being "random" Alexa says the odds against that occuring randomly are 810 to 1
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