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Fail to power up components

What is the reason when it fails to power up components? We spend out hard earned coins to power up the components. Sometimes it takes about 5 to 6 tries until you finally level up a component +1. If thats the case, you should give us 20 mythic boxes instead of just 1 box when we try to power up a component to level 15. MBB

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I agree that the power-up failure rate is too frequent. Perfect Swing should at the very least provide some insight into the algorithm they are using to determine success and failure. Successful games in the past  would indicate a expected success percentage number next to the power up buttons to help players evaluate the risk when algorithms are being used as a determining mechanism in equipment advancement. I have burned hundreds of thousands coins trying to enhance clubs.

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The game says that powering up a component from level 14 to level 15 will cost 27,000 coins. Nowhere does it mention that the actual price is 810,000 coins.

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Yes this should

 be fixed.

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